Firefighter Proposes to School Teacher During Insanely Cute Fire Drill (VIDEO)

firefighter proposes to teacher girlfriendWedding proposals used to be a demure event, with a man simply getting down on one knee or maybe slipping an engagement ring into his beloved's glass of wine. But this is 2015, people, and the bar has been RAISED. Which explains why the latest elaborate wedding proposal involves a fire drill and a school evacuation.


Romantic? Ridiculous? You decide.

For the past 18 months, New Zealand firefighter Rob Wilson, 25, has been dating -- and madly in love with -- Sheldon Thomson, 26, who teaches at an elementary school in Whangarei. The two locked eyes at a bar in Auckland and, well, that was it.

Over a month ago, Wilson decided he was ready to propose, and apparently wanted a story he'd be proud to tell their children. (Even though they would probably roll their eyes and mutter, "Embarrassing!")

And so he asked his girlfriend's school AND his firefighter buddies to help him with a truly inspired plan. 1) Arrange a fire drill. 2) Get hundreds of kids seated and quiet on the blacktop. (Whew! Probably the hardest part.) 3) Unfurl a huge banner from the firetruck's ladder that asks, "Miss Thomson, Will You Marry Me?"

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Yes, it went off without a hitch. And of course she said yes, to the screams and applause from the entire student body. Here's how it went down.

No matter how cynical you feel about marriage, we're guessing you're tearing up a little by now. Especially by seeing how genuinely nervous the groom looked.

As Wilson told his local newspaper the Northern Advocate, which had staff on hand to record the crazy proposal, he and his firefighter friends "joked that if she said no, I dunno how fast we could establish water and get it going towards her."

As much as we would love to see that viral video, we're glad this sweet proposal had a happy ending. And when the day arrives that Thomson is expecting, we can't wait to see how she'll plan to tell HIM the good news.


Image and video via The Northern Advocate

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