20 Adorable Ways To Get Pets In on Your Wedding Fun (PHOTOS)

Caroline Olney | Jul 27, 2015 Love & Sex
20 Adorable Ways To Get Pets In on Your Wedding Fun (PHOTOS)

We all know that pets have a hard time going more that 12 hours without love and attention, so no matter how special you wedding day is to you, it'd be impossible to leave them out. Plus, they're part of the fam, so of course they're going to want to be around for your big day!

But including dogs or rabbits or cats or what have you in your wedding doesn't mean it has to be stinky or dirty or full of cat dander. There are so many ways to get them in on the "I do" action that go beyond trusting them with trotting the rings down the aisle.


Image via Betsy Wall Photography

  • Color Code


    Ever consider letting your pet decide the wedding colors? If you have a pooch that's as gorgeously gray as the one in this photo, or if your pet is another neutral color, fitting your theme around their fur is a beautiful way to include them in the festivities.

  • The Perfect Ride


    Image via CHARD Photography

    This bride loves her horse, and the horse LOVES this bride. She is such a sweet addition to the wedding, and with the right decor, any horse can fit right in.

  • Shoe Size


    Image © iStock.com/sarymsakov

    If you have a shoe-sized dog, it's hard to get them into a traditional portrait. So why not pose them next to your shoes? They'll love the attention, and we'll love the cuteness.

  • Dress Up


    Sure, you'll need your tailor to take in the dress a LOT, but if you'll put your dog in a sweater, then there's no good reason not to put her in a wedding dress, too. Elle Woods would be proud!

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  • The Ring Barker


    Image via thebackporchshoppe/Etsy

    Sure, you've seen this one before. But does that really make it any less cute?! This bone-shapped ring holder ($18.95 on Etsy) is extra great, because you don't have to worry about Spot dropping the ring. Phew!

  • Flower Power


    Image © iStock.com/Celiaaa

    A bouquet shot is a wedding photo book must-have, and your cat will only make the picture that much sweeter. It gets him in on the action, and he doesn't even have to leave the house. Purrfect!

  • Tuxed Out


    Image © iStock.com/ahavelaar

    A tux-colored dog plus a bow tie collar is the perfect replacement for men who would normally be doing the suit-wearing. Who needs guys when a girl's got a dog?

  • The Biscuit Maker


    Sure, it will take a well-trained kitty to pull this one off, but cats are never happier than when they're "making biscuits" on the ground. The fluffy cat just adds to the love and happiness that's already pouring off this couple, and we couldn't love it more.

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  • Mission Possible


    Image © iStock.com/IRYNA KAZLOVA

    Any good guard dog appreciates a good mission, and standing guard over a couple of rings will be no problemo for this guy. Extra cuteness points if the pit bull will be walking the rings down the aisle later on.

  • Flower Crown


    Horses are such beautiful creatures, and if you're lucky enough to have one, it'd be a sin not to include it in the festivities. All it takes to make a horse wedding-ready is a crown of flowers matching your bouquet ... so how could you NOT?

  • Hand-On-Hand


    Image via studiOsnap

    The hand-on-hand/wedding ring show-off pose is a classic one (with reason -- it's perfect for a wedding day), and the addition of a puppy paw only makes it better. This photo just shouts "family," don't you think?

  • Man's Best Man


    Image © iStock.com/terdonal

    If a man's best friend is his dog, then surely a man's best man should also be his dog? A cute guy with a cute dog is an impossible combo to resist, and it makes for a delicious sight for you to walk down the aisle to.

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  • A Girl's Best Friend


    Your bridesmaids are your best friends, and naturally, your dog is included in that bunch. This pup fits right in with his flower collar that matches the bridesmaids' dresses and bouquet, and his sleepiness is just too darn cute.

  • Balancing Act


    Image via Cooked Photography

    Ring photos can be dull, but the certainly don't have to be -- especially if you've got a puppy nose ready and waiting to help. As long as your dog has a good sense of balance, this pose is a must. 

  • Snake Charmer


    Image via Dan Au Photography

    Sure, dogs, cats, and horses are easy to slip into the wedding fun, but snakes pose a little more of a challenge. But this bride's gorgeous portrait session with her pet snake really makes us think it could work.

  • Bunny Bouquet


    Did you hear that bouquets are out and bunnies are in? Well, that's true if you have a pet rabbit that's at least a fraction as cute as this one is.

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  • With These Witnesses


    Image © iStock.com/Arturo Peña Romano Medina

    "Just Married" signs are sweet on your car, but c'mon -- they're WAY cuter on your dog. These pups look beyond pleased to be the witnesses at this wedding, and we think they deserve the honor.

  • Put a Dog on It


    Image via silhouetteweddings/Etsy

    It doesn't matter how cute your pup is -- smart brides know not to let their dogs get too close to their wedding cakes. This dog wedding topper ($70, Etsy), lets him get a feature on the cake with no risk of it getting cake-smashed by little paws. Win-win!

  • Ride Away Tonight


    Image via April Visel Photo

    Horse families are lucky, because there's nothing quite as majestic as a bride on a horse in front of a sunset. Can you imagine how perfect it would be to ride your horse down the aisle? Swoon!

  • Kisses for All


    You've gotten your portrait of you kissing your new husband, but with such sweet puppy kisses in abundance, you couldn't leave them out of the photoshoot, could you?

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