Been 'Ghosted'? 9 Lame Excuses to Avoid When the Dude You're Dating Disappears

ghostingYou date a perfectly nice guy for a few months. You think it's going well. And then suddenly, POOF! He stops responding to texts or calls. He's ghosted you, literally disappeared from your life. Or not? Maybe he has a perfectly good reason to vanish with no explanation.


Honey, no. There is no legit excuse for ghosting, except maybe spontaneous combustion, and even then only if it's fatal. But that doesn't stop women from making excuses for ghosts anyway. Oh, sisters, have you ever given someone a pass like this in the hopes that he'll resurface again someday? 

1. It just got too intense, emotionally. Oh yeah, we hear you. Feeling all the feels can be hard ... if you're an immature manchild.

2. He's going through a lot of stuff right now. Yup, and by "stuff" you must mean "dating other people at the same time." Because if he's that into you, he will not let "stuff" get in the way.

3. He is scared of love. It's not love he's scared of. It's cutting off his options and having an adult relationship.

4. It's probably a thing with his phone. Let me guess: He lost his phone, right? Or his contact list suddenly disappeared and he's been desperately trying to reach you but he forgot the Internet exists and also he forgot where you live. I got it.

5. He was intimidated by how awesome I am. Yup, definitely. And yet, you are not awesome enough to deserve a decent breakup conversation.

6. He's suuuper busy with his career. He's not, and anyway, you don't want to date a workaholic.

7. His wife got in the way. Wait, his wife?!?

8. Well, maybe we weren't really dating and ... Admittedly, things can sometimes get a little murky. Maybe what you thought was dating was, for him, a series of hookups. And now he's actually in a relationship with someone new and he's blocked your number. Don't take it personally, but also don't wait for him to come back. He missed the boat. 

9. You kind of ghosted him first. You weren't sure how you felt about him so you checked out for a week or two. And then you put out feelers again and he has the nerve to ignore you. What's up with that?!? Self-respect, that's what.

He sucked all the delicious sweetness out of you and then discarded you like a wad of stale bubblegum. It's confusing because he seemed so happy with you. It also feels rotten and you don't deserve it. So don't let him do it again. Don't make excuses for him, and if he contacts you again, don't respond. Move on, lady. Make room in your life for a real man.


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