Bethenny Frankel Is Just Plain Wrong About 'Faking It' (VIDEO)

bethenny frankel loose talkBethenny Frankel is nothing if not blunt. The Real Housewives of New York star has never been afraid of oversharing, but even by her standards, Bethenny admitting she fakes orgasms on Bravo's Loose Talk recently takes her honesty to another level!


In the interview, Frankel says faking the big "O" can be encouraging, claiming:

It's like giving a dog a cookie -- like, 'Good, keep going in that direction!'


Check out the video for her full confession:


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Using a "fake it till he makes it" strategy is a terrible idea -- and horrid advice. How is a partner going to learn to get the job done if he already thinks he is getting the job done?

It is interesting to us that the Bethenny, who can be so funny and brutally honest with her girlfriends, isn't fessing up to her partners when she isn't getting her needs met.

Bethenny is rumored to be dating Eric Stonestreet, who stars on Modern Family. We can't help but wonder if he's now worried he has been getting the "cookie" treatment?


Image via Bravo

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