8 Body Language Dos & Don'ts for Keeping Your Marriage Blissful

Liz Alterman | Jul 28, 2015 Love & Sex
8 Body Language Dos & Don'ts for Keeping Your Marriage Blissful

loving couple body languageWhether you've been married for 8 weeks or 18 years, keeping your relationship on solid ground isn't always simple. And because it's so easy to get caught up in all the other responsibilities of life -- parenting, working, maintaining a household -- your relationship often ends up on the back burner.

But what if there were easy, effortless actions you could take to enhance your connection and make that spark of romance sizzle?

Body language expert and Caress spokesperson Tonya Reiman recently shared with us the silent, simple ways you can make your marriage stronger. Try these eight easy tips, and see if they make a difference!


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  • Don't Go on Autopilot


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    While everyone gets caught up in day-to-day life, it's important to not just go on autopilot, Reiman says. If you're in the same room, but ignoring each other, that's not going to stengthen your bond.

    Making time for each other and your relationship is crucial to keeping the spark alive. Even if you're both busy with other tasks, take a moment to sit next to your partner or touch them lightly on the arm to wordlessly reconnect.

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  • Make Time for Date Night


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    To carve out time during which you can make sure your body language sends the right message to your man, Reiman recommends establishing a regular "date night." And, just how do you make that evening as magical as possible? Keep reading!

  • Maintain Eye Contact


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    When you're out together, Reiman says maintaining eye contact is key. Give your partner your undivided attention and make each other feel like you're the only ones in the room.

  • Touch & Lean In


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    Touch is so important, Reiman says, because it promotes intimacy. While you're out together, lean in and share a caress. Communicate your feelings through touch rather than with words.

    A hug or a gentle caress is also good for your health, studies show. According to Health.com, touching or being touched lowers your blood pressure and heart rate while increasing your immune function. Plus, it's been known to make you feel happier in general! 

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  • Focus on Your Partner


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    It's easy to get distracted, but if you really want to make your partner feel special, you'll block out everything else. If you're out on a date, don't lose your focus on your partner, your conversation, and, ultimately, your bond. Even if plates are crashing down in another section of the restaurant, do whatever you can to prevent that from breaking your connection, Reiman says.

  • Stay Close -- Even if You're Disagreeing


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    Even if you and your spouse are having a disagreement, Reiman says remaining physically close can remind your partner of the connection you share. Angle your body toward them, rather than away, and don't hesitate to touch them to diffuse the situation, she advises.

  • Keep Your Palms Open


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    If you and your partner are locked in an argument, it's tempting to ball up your fists or cross your arms in anger. But those poses won't get you too far. Rather, Reiman suggests keeping your palms open and up and your forearms visible. Instead of appearing closed off (and possibly close-minded) you come off as open and nonthreatening. 

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  • Stand Near Each Other


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    Studies show that couples who stand in close proximity to each other often feel better about their relationship, Reiman says. Physical closeness can remind you of the intimacy you share and make you feel more connected. It makes sense considering that a 2014 study found that the happiest couples are those who sleep close together. Give it a try and see if it doesn't leave you with a stronger bond!

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