Girlfriend of the Year Defends Her Guy Against Cruel Fat-Shamers

woman defends boyfriend against fat-shamersWe all know the Internet can be a mean-spirited place. People hiding behind the anonymity of the online environment often feel free to post cruel comments ... And Ashley Stevens, whose boyfriend Christopher Reed was recently fat-shamed for a photo posted on Reddit, knows this all too well.


Thankfully for Christopher, his beloved Ashley was all too happy to put haters in their place.

Ashley caught the bouquet at a wedding and told her boyfriend to take a photo with funny faces. A friend posted the picture to Reddit, and it went viral, with many commentators making comments on Christopher’s weight and appearance. Many claimed he was too fat for his girlfriend and questioned what she could see in him -- comments that would hurt anybody’s feelings.

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Thankfully, Christopher has a strong sense of self-confidence and a supportive partner. As he tells People:

When we looked at what people were saying, we laughed. We both have the mind-set that that we understand who we are as individuals and what we have for each other.

As for Ashley, she believes she's “the luckiest girl in the world” thanks to her relationship with Christopher. And she posted this heartwarming defense of their relationship on Facebook:

It surprises me how many people are so quick to judge when they don't even know you. He may not have rock hard abs like the world tells girls to want in a guy, but really, why does that even matter when you are trying to really find someone you want to spend the rest of your life with? He is so thoughtful and patient, he always shows me how he loves me in little ways, he is my best friend. I love him for who he is and he loves me for who I am.

This is a amazing example of the fact that a supportive partner and a good sense of inner confidence can make even the worst bullying -- yes, even heinous comments from Internet trolls! -- something you can shake off. Something tells me this young couple, who have already been together 2.5 years, is going to be just fine.


Image via FellSamurai/Imgur

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