11 Cringeworthy Compliments Women Have Gotten From Their Guys

Wendy Robinson | Jul 16, 2015 Love & Sex
11 Cringeworthy Compliments Women Have Gotten From Their Guys

woman listening to her guy talk on couchSometimes, your man gives you a compliment that makes you blush with pleasure. Sometimes, he gives you a "compliment" that makes you wonder, What the heck is he thinking?!

This post is about those second kinds of compliments -- the ones where he might have meant well but probably ended up having to apologize. (On a related note, I'd like to remind all men that telling a woman, "Wow, you sweat a lot for a girl!" isn't actually a compliment. True story!)

Here, 11 cringeworthy compliments real women got from their loving but clueless guys.


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  • You Love Me WHEN?!


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    "The first time Mike told me he loved me he actually said, 'Sometimes, I think I love you.' I told him to try again." -- Brooklyn P.

  • Smoking Hot


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    "I was looking through some old pictures and found a photo of myself wearing a tiny bikini. It was from high school, when gravity was still on my side, and I showed it to my husband and he said, 'Wow -- you used to be smoking hot!' Used to be? Gee, thanks." -- Sue T.

  • Hips Don't Lie


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    "When we were dating and starting to talk about our future, I asked my now-husband if he wanted to have kids and he said, 'Of course we have to have kids -- you have those great childbearing hips!' Um, thanks?" -- Felice W.

  • Just Like Mommy


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    "When giving my then-6-month-old infant a bath, I remarked how he had such a cute, dimply bottom. (He was super-chub baby at the time.) My husband walked up behind me and said, 'Just like Mommy's!' He meant well, he really did." -- Molly B.

  • Big Eater


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    "I was on a date once and was enjoying a juicy burger and fries when my date said, 'Gosh, I love that you'll totally eat whatever in front of me! So many girls worry about looking cute when they eat, but not you!' He really did appreciate that I'm not trying to pretend to never be hungry, but still -- ouch!" -- Heather H.

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  • The 'Cool Girl'


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    "My husband still gets teased about the fact that he told me on our third date that I was 'totally the kind of girl you can feel comfortable farting in front of!' Just what every girl dreams of hearing." -- Kelly S.

  • Those Jeans


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    "I was still getting used to my post-baby body and was feeling a little insecure when my husband tried to comfort me by saying, 'You are really filling out those jeans now!' They were my maternity jeans. And the baby was 5 months old." -- Jessie E.

  • Easy for You to Say


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    "After our first child was born, I heard my husband telling people that labor and delivery was 'way easier' than he expected it to be! Easy for him to say -- I pushed for close to two hours. He later explained that he was really complimenting me for being so tough. Uh huh, sure." -- Patty L.

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  • Pretty, But ...


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    "We'd been dating for a few months when my boyfriend (now husband) told me that when he first saw me he thought I was 'pretty, but not like intimidatingly so.' So, just a managable bit of pretty then? So glad to hear that!" -- Kristin D.

  • Must Be Thick


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    "I am a typical Scandinavian white woman. Before I met my husband, I dated a lighter-skinned, slender black man who after a few dates said, 'I'm either looking for a very pale woman or a very dark-skinned African woman so that my kids look one way or the other. She also MUST be thick. I don't want my kids petite like me. You fit the bill perfectly.' Um ... thanks? Surprisingly, I lasted with him for almost a year!" -- Melissa H.

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  • More to Love


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    "Memo to all dudes: No woman who is worrying about her weight wants to hear 'Don't worry, there's just more of you to love!' Trust me on this." -- Stacey V.

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