11 Cringeworthy Compliments Women Have Gotten From Their Guys

Wendy Robinson | Jul 16, 2015 Love & Sex

woman listening to her guy talk on couchSometimes, your man gives you a compliment that makes you blush with pleasure. Sometimes, he gives you a "compliment" that makes you wonder, What the heck is he thinking?!

This post is about those second kinds of compliments -- the ones where he might have meant well but probably ended up having to apologize. (On a related note, I'd like to remind all men that telling a woman, "Wow, you sweat a lot for a girl!" isn't actually a compliment. True story!)

Here, 11 cringeworthy compliments real women got from their loving but clueless guys.


Image via © KatarzynaBialasiewicz/iStock

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