This Sexy 'Superpower' Will Keep Your Marriage Afloat

couple in bedWe all know marriages can end over sex. Or, well, the lack of sex. But there's good news: Having different levels of sexual desire doesn't necessarily doom a marriage, according to a new study in Personal and Social Psychology Bulletin.


The common thought has been that if you're not on the same sexual page with your partner -- and by that, we mean frequency -- your marriage was essentially doomed. But nope, that's not the case after all.

And the secret isn't moving to an open marriage. It's having a partner who sincerely wants to meet your needs and you feeling the same way about them. 

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Researchers from University of Toronto Mississauga found that these happy-together couples tend to view sex as only one part of their relationship. And just like with raising kids or choosing a color of paint for your bedroom, they regularly compromised in the bedroom.

Explained one of the study's researchers:

If one person's desire is low and the other's is high, the more the first person is willing to engage in sex for the benefit of the relationship, the more satisfaction each partner felt, both with the sexual experience and the overall relationship.

It's important to note that these partners AREN'T having sex out of fear or obligation. They're simply making a conscious choice to be close to, and please, their partner. And in this case, that means having sex when they're not totally, completely in the mood.

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Scientists call this "communal sexual strength," which sounds like a superpower to us.

And if it makes for a happy, long-lasting marriage, we think it kinda is.


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