12 People Confess Why They're Just Not That Into Sex

Adriana Velez | Jul 14, 2015 Love & Sex
12 People Confess Why They're Just Not That Into Sex

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Not everyone loves sex. Some people are indifferent, and other even harbor a secret loathing for it. Hard to believe, but true.

The Daily Mail found a treasure trove of men and women's confessions on why they don't like sex as told to Whisper App, which allows you to share your secrets anonymously. Here, we illustrate what people's honest reasons for hating sex ...


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  • I'd Rather Just Cuddle Up


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    "I actually don't like sex. I'd rather just cuddle up in bed and go to sleep."

  • It's Overrated


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    "I don't like having sex. I think it's overrated. Is it just me?"

  • I Get No Feeling From It


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    "I literally get no feeling from sex whatsoever. I feel like it's ruining my life because I hate having sex. I've never had a proper relationship. I just sort of pretend."

  • I Don't Like to Be Touched


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    "I have this problem ... I don't like to be touched ... even during sex ... it's only getting worse."

  • Makes Me Want to Vomit


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    "I hate sex so much. I want to vomit when someone tries to kiss me."

  • I Don't Have a Corvette


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    "My sex life is like a Corvette. I don't have a Corvette."

  • Sex Scares Me


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    "Sex scares me. I just feel like it's awkward and it hurts."

  • I Just Want That First Kiss


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    "I don't like being in a relationship. I don't even like sex very much. But I love the first kiss. Really, nothing is better than that. I've had 167 first kisses so far."

  • It's Boring


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    "I don't like sex. I always feel awkward and bored."


  • I'm Not a Player, I'm a Virgin


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    "All my friends think I'm the ultimate player. They don't know I'm actually a virgin."

  • I Prefer Pizza


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    "I'd rather take home a large pizza than some guy I met at a party."

  • That Doesn't Make Me Less Human


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    "I don't like having sex. That doesn't make me less of a human. I just don't feel pleasure during it."

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