'What Is Love?': The Answer Is More Complicated Than You'd Think (VIDEO)

what is love video soulpancakeEven though the question "What is love?" has been studied for centuries by philosophers, scientists, and theologians, it was still recently the most searched phrase on Google (and, no, I don’t think most people were looking for that earworm song from the '90s "What Is Love" by Haddaway).


A new viral video from Soul Pancake addresses this very question by asking people from 5 to 105 to define love. If you can watch this and not tear up, you are much tougher than I am!

This proves not only that love is important to all of us, regardless of age, race, or sex, but it also demonstrates that love can be defined in so many ways.

For me, the 80-year-old man married for 55 years who defines love as "looking after each other" and "helping each other to be our best selves," had the best definition. I think the 35-year-old cynic who thinks love is nothing more than a marketing scheme needs to spend some time with him!

(I also can’t help but suspect that some ex-girlfriend of his is watching this video and thinking, "Yep, that explains A LOT.")

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I also love the wisdom of the 11-year-old girl who believes that someone who loves you does so "because you are you" and the 32- year-old who notes that "love is an action." Everyone who has been in a long-term relationship can understand how important both of those concepts are.

Now, please excuse me, I want to go send my husband a mushy text message.


Image via SoulPancake/YouTube

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