Couple's Dramatic Death-Themed Wedding Photos Actually Aren't So Weird

jenny tay and darren cheng engagementIf we asked you to close your eyes, think about that big day when you say "I do," and tell us what comes to mind, we're pretty sure you wouldn't think of wedding photos inspired by funerals and death.


You'd describe a couple holding hands and walking by a picturesque stream. Or gazing into each other's eyes while a horse grazes nearby.

Not ... coffins.

But that's exactly what two funeral directors came up with.

Jenny Tay and Darren Cheng, who work at Direct Funeral Services Ltd. in Singapore, fell in love and decided they wanted a wedding theme that was truly meaningful to them. Not just "rustic chic" or "Bollywood BBQ." The couple chose "'Til Death Do Us Part."

A little funny, a little bit of an homage to their professions and philosophy of life.

As Tay explained to Mashable:

We meet grieving families daily and witness firsthand how a death in the family brings the family closer ... Death seems to make people cherish life even more. This realization molded our belief ... that death is indeed a part of life.

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The couple approached Joel Lim, a fashion and commercial photographer whose work has been in Elle. He'd never shot wedding photos before, much less ones that required a white, silk-lined coffin.

"[Their] description was already so poetic, love and death. Together with their vibrant personalities, it was an easy sell for me," Lim tells The Stir. "I personally embrace death. It reminds us we're here for a short time so let's make the most of it."

Sure enough, the photos are sweepingly romantic. Definitely more "fashion shoot" than Addams Family. Check them out:

jenny tay and darren cheng engagement

jenny tay and darren cheng engagement

jenny tay and darren cheng engagement

Lim says he's received "overwhelmingly positive" responses about the pics. So has the couple, once people got over their initial shock.

"My favorite is the one where the couple is lying in the coffin together," Lim says. "It's just a great image that shows their relationship and what's brought them together."

Images courtesy of Joel Lim Studios

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