20 Lies Women Have Shamelessly Told Their Husbands (PHOTOS)

Wendy Robinson | Jul 10, 2015 Love & Sex
20 Lies Women Have Shamelessly Told Their Husbands (PHOTOS)

husband asleep wife thinkingWhen it comes to marriage, most of us realize that sometimes honesty isn't the best policy. In fact, white lies may actually make your relationship stronger, especially when they're the kind that protect your spouse's feelings, according to research from Oxford University.

Here, 20 wives were happy to reveal the sweet, surprising, and slightly shocking things that they have no guilt lying -- or simply not sharing the whole truth -- about to their husbands. 

What's the lie you aren't afraid to admit you've told your husband?

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  • Yoga Time


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    "My husband thinks I go to a yoga class every Wednesday night. The class happens to be right at bedtime for the kids. I don't go to class. I just go to a bookstore and read for the hour. I hate bedtime duty." Penny O.

  • My "Number"


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    "My husband is the great love of my life. He DOES NOT need to know about my wild years. He thinks he knows my 'number,' but he is off by about 10. Or 15. Like I said, wild years." -- Jaci V.

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  • Snuggle Hater



    "I HATE SNUGGLING! I get hot and feel crowded. He loves it, so I pretend not to mind and then as soon as he is asleep, I wriggle back to my cool side of the bed." -- Carrie J.

  • The Cost of a Pedicure


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    "My husband has no idea how much my monthly mani-pedi costs, and I'm going to keep it that way! He'd think it was crazy expensive, but I think it is cheaper than therapy, and that hour of pampering keeps me sane!" -- Flora G.

  • My Hangovers


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    "Hangovers. They are always 'something I ate.' Is that lying or denial?" -- Yolanda G.

  • A Lost Love



    "I haven't lied exactly about this, but my husband doesn't know that I have a brief relationship with a woman when I was in college. I loved her but I think it was a one-time thing and I don't define myself as bi. I'm not sure what he'd think." -- Ricki N.

  • Time Online


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    "He knows I am active on a particular online community. He has no idea that I am probably online chatting with other women in this group 7-8 hours a day, counting time at work, time on my bus ride home, time after he goes to bed, and so on. He just wouldn't get that these friendships are real and important to me." -- Alexa S.

  • His Friends



    "My husband has no idea how annoying I think he two best friends are. They've been friends since they were all kids so I bite my tongue but I think they are so immature. They still spend every weekend drinking and trying to get laid and then call my husband to brag about it. Dudes. He is getting WAY more action than you are!" -- Mellie N.

  • Sister Act



    "My husband is a very protective big brother, but I didn't tell him when his 15-year-old sister texted me that she was at a party and was drunk and needed a ride home. He'd FLIP out at her (which I totally get) but I was so proud of her for asking for help that I promised to keep it a secret." -- Name withheld

  • Savings


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    "I am a saver, my husband is a spender. I have a secret savings account that he doesn't know about. I just like the security of having a bigger cushion, and I don't want him to know, because he'd just want to spend it on something." -- Dionne B.

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  • My Debt



    "He doesn't know that I ran up a big (like $4500?) credit card bill on my card from before we were married. My mom helped me pay it off because she said she'd been in my shoes before. My husband, the saver, would die of embarrassment or kill me if he knew." -- Brandy M.

  • Fantasy Football



    "My husband really wanted me to join his fantasy football league, mostly because I think he was hoping it was something we could share as an interest. I think that is so sweet, so I don't tell him that I think fantasy sports are stupid and that I get all my picks off a website." -- Tammy D.

  • The Best I've Ever Had


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    "I for sure love my husband the most of all my partners, but he isn't the best sex I've ever had. That honor goes to a random hookup I met while on vacation back in my single days. But why would I tell my husband that? I tell him he is the best EVER, and he is proud as a peacock about it." -- Kim W.

  • How Much I Actually Understand


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    "My husband is from Panama and still speaks in Spanish to his mom and family. I pretend I don't really understand so I can eavesdrop on their conversations. Four years of high school Spanish is finally paying off!" -- Marzia G.

  • My Ex-Husband


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    "I still email with my ex-husband. My current husband would hate that because he is a little insecure about the fact that we had a very friendly divorce. I'm never going to get back together with my ex, but I still like him as a person, so I'd miss being a part of his life if we stopped all communications. So, we stick to email and don't mention it to our current partners." -- Sheila A.

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  • Shopping Problem



    "I have a serious Target problem. I go there for groceries and for stress relief and I love to get a coffee from the Starbucks there and browse for hours. He doesn't realize that our grocery bill is so high because of the little extras I buy myself there." -- Quinn D.

  • His Poetry


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    "This is HORRIBLE to admit, but my husband loves to write me poems and then read them to me. I think the thought behind it is sweet, but his poems are AWFUL. I cringe sometimes when he gets all serious and choked up while reading me something about my 'eyes as stormy as a sea during a storm.' Yikes." -- Helen W.

  • Chores


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    "My husband thinks that I don't know how to work a lawn mower and that I'm afraid to learn. I totally know how to do it, but I don't want that chore, so I just keep playing along." -- Heather H.

  • My "First"


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    "My husband is really conservative, and so am I, but I made a mistake when I was younger and lost my virginity to a high school boyfriend. It only happened once, but I never told my husband about it. We got married right after college, and he still thinks he is my first. He'd be crushed to find out otherwise so I'll never tell." -- Lindsay P.

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  • Doll Deals


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    "As far as my husband knows, the American Girl stuff my girls are obsessed with was a either a gift or 80 percent off. Amazing how I always hit those big sales!" -- Beth T.

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