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11 Wacky Groom's Cakes to Lighten Up the Wedding (PHOTOS)

Love & Sex Adriana Velez Jul 15, 2015

grooms cake armadilloWedding cakes may be the center of attention at receptions, but when it comes to creativity, the groom's cakes really take the, er, cake! Sure, a nice chocolate layer cake is traditional. But we've got some spectacularly fun ideas your groom will love.

Image via Shanon Camille O'Banion/Cakes by Camille

1Something Fishy

This one's for the avid fisherman -- isn't it a beauty? This vibrant "fish" cake created by Shanon Camile O'Banion of Cakes by Camille looks like the real thing.

2Boozy Cake With Cigars

Dave and Heather of the blog The Heathered Nest married before the age of Pinterest and Instagram. "And so I claim that this 'cake' is truly a 'one and only' original idea that we dreamed up for our event," Heather writes.

It's actually not a cake, but upside-down heavy-gauge cardboard boxes painted with glitter, and with airplane bottles of booze and cigars hot-glued. (But the booze is real!) You could do this with a real cake. "That's what we call having our cake and drinking it too," Heather jokes.

Image via Lauren Friedman/Flickr

3Ski Slope

This "Seussian" Mountain Cake created by Lauren Friedman features a snowboarding, paint-balling groom with his dog and a paint-felled bride sliding downhill, face-first. Hmm, what kind of statement about marriage is happening here?!? 

Image via Creative Cakes


Remember the red velvet armadillo groom's cake from the movie Steel Magnolias? It's still a favorite request for weddings. We think this one by Creative Cakes in Orange, California, is especially fetching.

6Amazing Hidden Spider-Man

Hiding a little Spider-Man under the wedding cake has become a trend, but we love this version by BethAnn Goldberg of Studio Cake in Menlo Park, California. Does it count as a groom's cake?

Image via Shanon Camille O'Banion/Cakes by Camille 

7Jug of 'Pure Old Liquor'

This antique whiskey jug cake reads "J. H. Kearns, Sunny Side Saloon, Lebanon, KY." That's not just a cute detail. Kearns' Sunny Side Saloon was actually the site of a Civil War battle! So there's a bit of history in that cake.

Image via Sarah Halterman/Sweet Art Cakes

9The Death Star

And here's our other favorite Star Wars–themed groom's cake: The Death Star, by Sweet Art Cakes in McKinney, Texas. P.S., they can also make the Millennium Falcon.  



Image via Laura/Flickr

10Suit & Tie

This tuxedo sure makes a tasteful groom's cake, down to the bow tie and rose corsage. But where is the groom's head? This cake was spotted at a wedding convention.


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