Couples Trying This Crazy New Wedding Trend Need a Reality Check

couple on beachApparently, the stress of planning a wedding is wearing down some brides- and grooms-to-be. It's just. Too. Much. And so these poor, exhausted engaged couples are relying on a silly trend to soothe their desperately frazzled nerves.


Nope, it's not cutting back on their extravagant ceremony. (The average wedding cost these days is $26,000, FYI.) And it's not eloping and donating their entire wedding budget to charity. It's not even going for counseling to deal with how freaking complicated they're making their lives.

Give up? Okay, we'll tell you, because honestly, it's so ludicrous, you'll never guess.

Stressed-out couples are starting to go on "wedding moons" -- that is, super-fancy getaways BEFORE they ever get hitched.

As Jamie Miles, online managing editor of, told Fox 5 NY, which we'll blame for first outing this awful trend, wedding moons are a way for couples to avoid the stress of wedding planning and get some time together.

The key word there? "Avoid."

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As in, avoid reality. As in, avoid thinking about what happens AFTER the ceremony and awesome reception and exciting, zip-lining honeymoon. As in, avoid eventually thinking about how marriage isn't just one milestone after another, but actually a lot of ho-hum days where someone needs to wash the dishes, you both need to work late, and your husband accidentally washed and shrank your favorite sweater.

And that's pre-kids!

Don't get us wrong, marriage can be marvelous. Do it right, and you're spending your life with your best friend, someone who's always got your back and 50 years later will still want to kiss you, no judgments, before you've even brushed your teeth.

But if these couples unconsciously think marriage is such a chore that they need to vacation as much as possible now, that's probably not a good sign. And if planning their wedding is inducing tears, teeth-gnashing, or glass-breaking fights, a quickie trip to Costa Rica won't help their coping skills for the long term.

Every couple is entitled to celebrate their commitment to each other. And should! But a wedding moon? If you need to escape your life before you've even gotten hitched because you just don't have time for each other, maybe it's time you rethink what you're expecting after marriage.

For better or worse.

What's your take on a "wedding moon"?


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