July 4th Sex Survey Shows Americans Love to Get It On -- In Public!


How are you planning to celebrate independence today? Most likely you're gonna grill a few burgers, light a few sparklers, and toss back a few cold ones ... but if a recent survey is any indication, that's definitely not all! According to a poll conducted by sex toy brand Lovehoney.com, 75 percent of Americans say they spent past Independence Days having sex -- with one in five participants admitting to doing the deed outdoors (one in six say they actually got it on during fireworks displays!). Who knew pyrotechnics were such an aphrodisiac?!


The interesting thing is that having sex in public is actually a misdemeanor in all 50 states. So it's kind of funny that this uber-patriotic holiday inspires people to ultimately break the law! But is an under-the-blanket hookup on a dark beach (where everybody's looking at the sky anyway) really such a crime? Naaaaah. (Plus, is having sex in a car considered having sex in public? Because pffft, it's not.)

Another interesting thing? Even though July 4th is obviously a particularly amorous time for Americans, it's not the sexiest holiday of them all. According to the Lovehoney poll, New Year's Eve is when people get the most action (followed by Halloween and Christmas). Which makes perfect sense, when you think about it: On New Year's Eve people are all hyped up about new beginnings and kisses at midnight (and usually they're pretty tipsy); Halloween has all those skimpy costumes in its favor; Christmas is when people give each other presents confirming just how much they mean to each other. But Independence Day? I'm guessing this magic in the holiday is all about mid-summer hedonism and taking a break to have fun and feel grateful (and lots of beer and/or frozen cocktails). Hey, whatever works!

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So if you're feeling frisky when you head out to see the fireworks display tonight, maybe think ahead and pick a spot on the sand (or grass) where there aren't a lot of people nearby ... or try to keep things under control until you get back home. Because getting arrested for indecent exposure? Definitely NOT hot.

Have you ever indulged in a public tryst on Independence Day?


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