Amazing, Tearjerking Wedding Compilation Proves 'Love is Love' (VIDEO)

women weddingThis is a big day for couples everywhere. Today all married couples, straight and same-sex, stand on the same level ground, their unions equally recognized by the United States of America. In celebration of the Supreme Court's decision, compiled a montage of beautiful moments from gay weddings.


Okay, now I want to prepare you. Go get a tissue. Make sure you're sitting in a comfortable place with people who will not be disturbed by your sighs and tear wiping. 

We begin with first looks between the couples and we hear their vows. They sound like the same words any couple would say at their wedding.

"My sweet, my kind, my cherished beloved darling ..."

"This is a beautiful start of a lifelong love letter ..."

But then you hear a man's voice, breaking:

"Something I had never imagined possible as a child, I get to say that Gabe Pearlman is my husband!"

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And there is the magic of this moment. All couples who marry are alike in their hopes and passion. But for a few, there is a thrilling sweetness to realize what once resided only in dreams. Imagine your heart's deepest desire, denied. Now imagine the barriers torn down.

I think most of us, at this point, have friends or family who identify as gay. And we wish them to enjoy the fullness of life just like anyone else. What a thrill to live in a time when we see that happen, when the tent of celebration grows to include everyone.

Do you know couples who are celebrating today's SCOTUS decision?


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