15 Essential Wedding Photos Every Bride Needs to Request

groom surprising brideYou've found your wedding photographer, and you're planning your dream wedding and reception. The next challenge is making sure you capture how magical that day is. So, it's necessary to discuss must-have shots with your photographer.


"When I get 'must-have' lists from brides, they typically send me a list of 'standard' cookie-cutter shots that I would normally take anyway," says photographer Alicia Williams of Cordele Photography. "It makes me laugh, because if I am not taking a photo of the cake cutting, I am not sure what I would be doing!"

That said, here's a bit of inspiration for the standard shots -- and some extraordinary shots you'll be glad you tried.

What do you think the must-have wedding shots are?

must have wedding photos

Image via Cendino Temé Photography and via Volodymyr Tytsky/shutterstock