Watch Your Romantic Princess Fantasies Get Shattered Right Before Your Eyes (VIDEO)

amy schumer princess sketchAfter being raised on a steady diet of Disney princess movies and fairy tales, many of us have probably dreamed of a life with a little more romance. After all, who wouldn’t want to be treated like royalty? The amazing castle, the servants, the fancy ball gown, the constant pressure to produce a male heir, the risk of getting beheaded ...


Wait, what?!

The always hilarious Amy Schumer (who is just killing it this season on her Comedy Central show Inside Amy Schumer) teamed up with the ever fabulous Tim Gunn for a sketch that reminds us of why the whole princess fantasy thing isn’t all it is cracked up to be. Check it out:


In real life, history has shown us that being a princess can be risky to your life and your health. From all of the tragic wives of Henry VII to a Saudi princess executed for adultery after falling in love with the wrong man to even the current princess of Japan, whose "failure" to produce a male heir has led to significant mental health struggles and a life of seclusion, being a princess isn’t easy.

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So, maybe we don’t actually want a man to "treat us like a princess." Let’s instead focus on real romance with a guy who is kind, funny, and communicates. All of that and no risk of beheading? That is the ultimate fantasy!

What is real romance in your book?

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