29 Women Reveal the Confessions They'd Love to Get Out of Their Exes

couple fighting lie detectorYou may have suspected your ex wasn't always truthful with you. But if you were granted an opportunity to ask specific questions and get those honest yet oh-so-painful answers, would you?


We asked women to share exactly what they'd want to know if their exes were hooked up to a lie detector test. Some of these questions alone -- regardless of the answers -- will make you glad he's a ex!

1. "I'd ask him if he cheated."

2. "What the heck kind of hold did the other woman have on him. Sheesh!!" 

3. "Do you still love me?"

4. "What's the real reason we broke up?"

5. "Do you have a secret stash of money?"

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6. "Why did he lie to me?"

7. "Why did you keep coming back to me?"

8. "If it was really him who called the dudes-hooking-up-with-dudes 1-900 number. I was out of the state. And doubt he had someone over who would have called."

9. "How could you just walk away from our daughter, and not have anything to do with her?"

10. "I already know the answer to this, er, these, but my main question would be 'Did you cheat on me?' I already know the answer, but him admitting it would make my day. The other would be 'Did you ever love me, or just use me for what I had?' Again, I already know the answer, but hearing him actually admit it would be worth something."

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11. "How many women he ACTUALLY slept with when I was pregnant?"

12. "Who manipulated you into believing that I cheated on you?"

13. "Did he have a sexual relationship with his English teacher while we were together?"

14. "If he really expected us to be together in the end ... like seriously expected me to wait while he 'experiences' the world. Also, did he truly ever love me like he said he did?"

15. "I'd want to know if he actually slept with my ex–best friend."

16. "What really happened the night your girlfriend died?"

17. "Do you hate me now?"

18. "Where did all the money go?"

19. "Do you realize that you're a narcissist?"

20. "Were you having an affair with him the whole time we were married? Why did you marry me?"

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21. "Did we REALLY get crabs from dirty hotel sheets? Back then, I was juuusst young and inexperienced enough to believe you. Now I feel like a moron and I realized I should have dumped you then, instead of hanging around for another 10 years of pain."

22. "Why did you never put me first? Why was your ex-girlfriend more important than me?"

23. "Do you REALLY want our son 50 percent of the time, or are you only doing it because your family is making you and will cut you off financially if you don't try?"

24. "Are you bisexual or gay?"

25. "I will ask him, do you EVER use my toothbrush??? I swear I hide my actual toothbrush because he is color blind. The one in the jar, I never use. So how come every three months or so, it looks NOT NEW??? Yet he always says he NEVER touched it!"

26. "If he works some cash jobs to lower child support!"

27. "Did you have sex with your best male friend?" 

28. "Did you ever think we would get married?"

29. "Do you regret losing me?"

What would you ask your ex if he had no choice but to answer truthfully? 


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