Kate Gosselin Shares How She Really Feels About Being Single (VIDEO)

kate gosselin tlcAfter 10 years in the spotlight, first as a wife to Jon and mother of multiples, and then to a Dancing With The Stars contestant, Kate Gosselin has a surprising new role ...


... as a happy single mom!

Back in March, Kate celebrated her 40th birthday at a posh resort in Mexico surrounded by her eight kids and her best friend. At one point, Kate Plus 8 cameras caught her revealing that she is LOVING her post-divorce life.

In fact, she notes that since she split with her ex, she’s had the "greatest five years of (her) life." (Sorry, Jon, I don’t think she is missing you!)

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Although she says she’s open to dating, she is clear that dating isn’t her favorite topic of conversation. Kate bluntly declared:

I want people to stop asking me if I’m dating. Don’t talk to me about ex situations. I don’t define myself with that.

It sounds like she is more than ready to shift the focus away from her romantic life (or lack thereof).

Given that Kate is one of those “love her or hate her” celeb moms, there are always those who will critique her life choices. But I think people need to give her a break on the dating questions. Dating after a divorce isn’t easy and isn’t the right choice for everyone so more power to her if she wants to fly solo for a bit.

What do you think of Kate’s current solo life?

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