Guy Who Met the Love of His Life in Fifth Grade Pulls Out All the Stops for Proposal (VIDEO)

Jessica Burzichelli proposalSam Maccarone is a man who knows a few things about loyalty. After all, the New Jersey native has been in love with the same woman since they were 10 years old.


So, when it came time to propose to her, he knew he wanted to make it special. He enlisted the help of his best friend from kindergarten (now a filmmaker) and his cousin (a musician) to propose to his girlfriend in a truly unforgettable way.

Maccarone told the love of his life Jessica Burzichelli that his cousin needed a couple to act like they were in love for his newest music video. She agreed, not knowing that the whole thing -- filmed at LOVE Park in Philadelphia and at Nino Gervasi's Italian Restaurant in Paulsboro, New Jersey -- was a set-up and that many of their friends and family would be on hand, acting as “extras” when the big moment finally happened or that the song was written especially for them.

Check out the amazingly sweet resulting video below.


Although the proposal happened in October, it just recently went viral and so far almost a million people have seen one of the biggest moments in a relationship that has already spanned close to two decades. Wow. Something tells us this couple’s wedding will be one to remember!

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The couple plans to wed in 2016, and Maccarone has already enlisted his cousin yet again -- this time as a groomsman.

Are you a fan of public proposals or do you like something a bit more private?

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