12 Simple, Sweet Moves That Will Make Your Marriage Stronger

Adriana Velez | Jun 19, 2015 Love & Sex
12 Simple, Sweet Moves That Will Make Your Marriage Stronger

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Divorce coach Karen Finn, PhD, has a strategy for divorce-proofing your marriage: massage. She says that effective communication takes a whole lot more than paying attention to the words we use.

Our non-verbal communication is just as important, and that includes touch.

So, what are some ways couples can physically express love to each other? (Besides sex, of course!) Here, 12 types of touch to try.

Which of these are you most keen to do with your spouse?


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  • Massage


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    A good massage does so much for couples: It releases feel-good and stress-relieving hormones. It strengthens intimacy. It brings you closer through the shared goals of relaxation and connection. It doesn't have to be professional or elaborate. You can rub each other's shoulders, feet, or even hands. Dr. Finn recommends checking in with each other as you go for feedback on your the massage-receiver is feeling.

  • Hug Each Other


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    Everyone needs frequent hugs. Scientists say hugs relieve stress, increase feelings of trust, connection, and intimacy -- and hugs give us courage to meet the challenges of life.

  • Run Fingers Through Hair


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    At least one of you must have enough hair for this! It feels so relaxing. And for those who are going bald, scalp massage can bring blood to hair follicles and help slow down hair loss a bit. 

  • Hold Hands


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    When you're walking anywhere together, always ask yourselves: Could we be holding hands right now? It's for your own good -- one study shows that holding a loved one's hand relieves stress.

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  • Shower Together


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    Looking to steal some moments alone as a couple? Shower together. But skip the nookie, and soap each other up instead. It gives you a chance to admire each other's bodies, and it's a very tactile service you'll both enjoy. Plus, you're saving time and water!

  • Zero-Expectations Kiss


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    A kiss hello, a kiss goodbye, a kiss on the forehead or the cheek, a kiss for no reason at all -- it's easier to give kisses freely if there are no expectations for sex attached to them. They just become part of the language you use to communicate love to each other.

  • Rub Away a Headache


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    Whether you're dealing with kids or work or both chances are you get headaches fairly often. Help each other out by giving each other face and neck massages. Here are three ways to massage away a headache.

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  • Sit Closer Together


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    This is something my boyfriend has taught me -- every chance we get we sit close together, close enough to be touching. Whether it's at the dinner table or on the sofa or a train, we rarely miss an opportunity to connect physically. Even when we eat out, we'll often scoot our chairs together on one side of the table instead of facing across from each other. 

  • Touch to Flirt


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    Dating experts tell singles to brush arms, squeeze elbows, and pat knees to increase attraction. Well, there's no need to stop that once you're hitched! Keep up that flirtatious touching.

  • Do the 7 Breath Forehead Connection Exercise


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    This is an exercise from relationship coach Jordan Gray: "With your foreheads touching, breathe seven deep, slow breaths in sync with your partner." You can do this lying down or sitting. He admits it sounds "woo woo new-agey," but it's "AWESOME!" at building intimacy.

  • Cuddle


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    Cuddling increases affection, boosts your happiness, lowers heart disease, helps relieve pain, and it's even good for your immune system -- plus it just feels good.

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