16 Adorable Ways to Get Your Pets In on Your Engagement Announcement (PHOTOS)

Getting engaged is a pretty big deal, and chances are that by now, your guy or gal has gotten strong approval ratings from your friends and family. More importantly, though, they've really got to pass the pet test. Only when your dog approves is the love worthy of marriage, amiright?


Well, once you say yes, and your pets say yes, it's time to document your engagement or proposal. Of course your dog is going to want to be included, and your cat will probably reluctantly agree, as well.

Check out these 16 ways to seamlessly sneak 'em into those memorable pics.

Are you going to include pets in your enagement annoucements?

pets help announce engagement

Image via Emin Kuliyev Photography and via KAZLOVA IRYNA/shutterstock

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