Photos From World's First Selfie Wedding Are Out of This World

couple take their own images in world's first selfie weddingAnyone who has ever planned a wedding knows that it can be so stressful and overwhelming that eloping instead can start to seem like an awfully smart idea. The thought of no guests, no schedule, and no potentially embarrassing drunken family members sounds pretty tempting! But even those who elope usually want to make sure there are photos to document the special day, which is what makes Adrian and Kristina Alford’s story that much more interesting.


Not only did the couple from Brisbane in Queensland, Australia opt to elope to a spectacular remote mountaintop in New Zealand (including where Lord of the Rings was filmed!), but they also chose to take their own wedding photos. The result: something the couple dubbed the #worldsfirstselfiewedding.

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But if you think a selfie wedding meant duck lips and blurry pictures snapped from arm’s length, think again! Check out a few of their stunning shots posted to Instagram ...

And more in their interview on the Australian TODAY show below.


Alford is, as you can tell, a professional photographer, and these pictures came about after months of research into remote control photography, multiple rehearsals to get just the right poses, and a willingness by both bride and groom to spend literally all day taking pictures. The groom explained the lead-up to the The Daily Mail:

We spent the whole day doing it. I started at five in the morning and I got a sunrise shot, then took photos of us getting ready and the whole day and we didn’t actually finish until 11 p.m. that night… we just kept going.

While their pictures are clearly amazing (and, frankly, WAY better than my professionally shot wedding photos!), let’s all agree that selfie wedding photos belong in the “don’t try this at home” category -- that is, unless you have the time, commitment, and skills that this groom clearly does!

If you had to do it over again, would you elope? Would you still want wedding day photos?

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