Anna Faris & Chris Pratt Are Right to Put Their Marriage Before Parenting

chris pratt anna farisThere is no denying that Chris Pratt is having a major moment in Hollywood. He’s finished up a run on a beloved TV show (farewell, Parks and Rec!) and is now starring in one of the blockbuster movies of the summer with Jurassic World. But as fun as Jurassic World looks, we’re really loving Pratt today for his wise marriage advice.


Pratt, who has been married to actress Anna Faris since 2009, recently shared that one of the secrets to a solid marriage is to make sure to put your relationship first, even when kids enter the picture. He explains to PEOPLE:

A lot of times, people focus so much on their kids, and then when their kids leave the nest, they look at their spouse or partner like they're a stranger. It's just as important, if not more important, to focus on your relationship with your partner because your children are going to leave one day, [and] you have to maintain a relationship that's going to outlast your child's needs for you.

Anyone with kids knows that it can be all too easy to fall into the trap of your offspring getting all your time and emotional energy. Obviously, there are unavoidable stages -- like those hard infant months, when your marriage takes a backseat to meeting the immediate physical needs of your children -- but there are good reasons to put your marriage first most of the time, for both your sake and your kids’ sake.

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Marriage and family therapist Dr. Sarah Hart  agrees with Pratt’s marriage advice, noting that "when the adult relationship is nurtured by quality kid free time, each parent has the opportunity to be seen for him or herself instead of as a parent."

One of the things most of us want to avoid is having a marriage that goes from love and passion to living like roommates. The best way to preempt "roommate syndrome": making sure you take time away from your parenting roles to remember why you fell in love with your spouse.

It is also important to remember that your kids will learn what their future romantic relationships should be like from yours. So, what do you want them to see: two grouchy adults who never talk to each other or two happy adults who seem to enjoy each other’s company and who want to spend time alone together?

Pratt notes that parent alone time to reconnect is important “no matter what you do for a living,” and he’s right! Even if you can afford a nanny like a Hollywood star, you’ll still want to find a way to make a date night of your own happen soon!

What do you think? When it comes to your life, is marriage or kids the top priority?


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