Couple Has an Incredible Excuse for Putting Their Dream Wedding on Hold (VIDEO)

couple in new jersey kidney transplantWeddings get derailed for lots of crappy reasons -- hurricanes, cold feet, a death in the family. But a couple in New Jersey has an incredibly GOOD excuse: The bride finally had the chance to have a lifesaving kidney transplant.


Carrie Hallock has been waiting three YEARS for a new kidney, according to local TV station CBS 3. The Marlton, New Jersey resident had been kept alive on dialysis. Still, she and her boyfriend, Dan, were in love and determined to get married.

After months of planning, the two were set to walk down the aisle last week. But the day before, when Carrie was out running errands, she got the call from Penn Medicine: Doctors finally had a kidney for her.

Their wedding was cancelled, their already-made cake popped into the freezer, and Carrie headed to the hospital. The surgery was a success and afterwards, as Carrie recovered, Dan and his family visited. (And dressed in their wedding tuxes, which is one of the sweetest ideas ever.)

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A few days later, Carrie left the hospital -- and she and Dan tied the knot at a local courthouse. Their honeymoon pretty much consists of making sure Carrie continues to heal and is taking her meds.

Still, Carrie believes she had a "fairytale wedding." "I got a kidney, and I got to get married to this handsome man," she told CBS 3.

"Now we look forward to Carrie getting better and starting our new life together," Dan added.

Cue tears here.

Afterward, Carrie's adult son shocked her with even more good news -- Carrie's going to become a grandmother.

Mazel tov, you crazy kids. You deserve all three of those happy endings.


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