1 Big Way Marriage Benefits Men More Than Women

couple eating salad"Every man needs a woman, and every woman needs three square meals," my former mother-in-law likes to say. And science is proving her correct on that point. It turns out being married does wonders for a man's well-being. But for women? Eh. 


Ladies, our marital status does nothing for us. Nothing! At least when it comes to our health. We still stand the same chance of developing what's called metabolic syndrome, a toxic brew of diabetes and high blood pressure, whether we're hitched or footloose.

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This is what scientists at University College London, the London School of Economics, and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine found in a landmark study. “Not marrying or cohabiting is less detrimental among women than men,” says UCL population health scientist Dr. George Ploubidis. “Being married appears to be more beneficial for men.”

So single guys suffer from crap health compared with married or cohabiting men. Maybe it's because coupled men are more likely living on something other than Hot Pockets and beer. It kind of looks like that cliché of single guys neglecting their health (as far as lifestyle choices go) actually lives up to the reality. 

OR! Could it be that the kinds of guys who get married or who cohabit tend to have better lifestyle habits to begin with? And guys who refuse to couple long-term are generally more self-destructive? 

Whatever the case, I'm still pleased to learn that being single isn't detrimental to women's physical health. We know how to take care of ourselves, single or not.

Do you think married men are healthier because their wives are taking care of them, or because healthier men are more likely to get married?


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