Drunk Groom Gives Bride Lap Dance She'll Never Let Him Forget (VIDEO)

bride angry at drunken groom

If looks could kill, we know of one newlywed who'd surely have died at his own wedding reception! An unidentified bride received a surprise lap dance from her new, inebriated husband and by the look on her face, this was not the fairy-tale ending she had in mind for her big day! Seriously, you have to see this video to believe it!


Take a look and prepare to cringe!

Gosh, you watch that and you feel for so many people in this video, don't you? First of all, the bride! We're dying for her -- even before she buries her face in her hands! You wait your whole life for this special day and this is how it concludes? Noooo thanks! 

Second, you have to wonder what the videographer was thinking, "Cut? No, they'll laugh about this later ... if she doesn't file for divorce during the honeymoon, that is. Um, seriously, what should I do here?" 

Third, your heart sort of goes out to the DJ, right? This poor guy has to try to keep the party going and narrate this debacle! We love how he attempts to keep the mood light by saying, "That was rehearsed," as the drunken groom slides to the ground post impromptu lap dance.

Fourth, oh, those poor bridesmaids! They'll have to do their best to console their BFF and try to convince her "That totally wasn't as bad as you think!" or "Everyone was at the bar! No one saw your new husband make an ass of himself on the dance floor!" 

Fifth, like this groom isn't going to be hearing about this for the rest of his life?!? Hopefully, the heckling won't begin until after his hangover subsides.

Sixth, imagine being a guest at this wedding? This traditional garter maneuver (which many find innately tacky when done by the sober!) has taken on a train wreck quality. You're horrified, yet you can't look away!

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But let's face it: Plenty of people end up overserved at wedding receptions. Sometimes all you can do is laugh and make the best of it (then find some strong coffee and the number for a cab). With summer wedding season in full-swing, think of this story as a cautionary tale and enjoy that champagne responsibly!

We hope this couple is able to move past this unfortunate and unexpected beginning and live happily-ever-after.

Have you ever been to a wedding where a fight ensued between the bride and groom? 

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