10 Lies We've Told Our Kids After Being 'Caught in the Act'

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My husband and I have been together for over a decade and in that time we've lived in eight different houses, including the one where the master bedroom didn't have a door (long story) and several where the master bedrooms didn't have locks. We also have had four children living with us. Children who can be stealth like ninjas if Mom and Dad are "distracted," if you know what I'm saying. We should have paid extra for the locks is what I am saying.


I've never been the kind of parent who says I'd never lie to my kids (Hello! Lying is a critical part of parenting. There is no flying fairy with a yearning for baby teeth, but yet we all are willing to shell out the small bills in exchange for the world's creepiest childhood souvenir, right?). However, I still feel a little guilty for some of these whoppers we've come up with on the fly when the kids have interrupted that "special mommy and daddy time."

1. “Mama and Dada are just wrestling!”

2. “Dad’s zipper was stuck. I was just helping him.”

3. “We’re just trying to save water.”

4. “A buzzing sound? Oh that? Just, um, my phone on vibrate.”

5. “The door must be stuck. I’ll be out in a minute!”

6. “We’re going to take a nap.”

7. “I don’t know where Dad is. Go check the basement. (Shhh, two minutes and you can come out safely from under there)." 

8. "You heard a thumping noise from the wall? Weird. I have no idea why that is!"

9. "Sweating? Oh. Yeah, I was doing jumping jacks. For exercise."

10. "Dada was just giving me a back rub. Go back to bed. He'll tuck you back in real soon."

Dear kids, if you want Mommy to stop lying, please start knocking!

What is your best sexy interruptus lie?

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