Women Reveal Their True Feelings About Manscaping -- Or Lack Thereof (PHOTOS)

Adriana Velez | Jun 11, 2015 Love & Sex
Women Reveal Their True Feelings About Manscaping -- Or Lack Thereof (PHOTOS)


Great news: AskMen.com asked men what they think of female pubic hair, and men had lots to say! About 40 percent say they prefer completely bare, 38 percent say they prefer a smart trim, and WHY DO WE NEVER ASK WOMEN THIS QUESTION? Seriously. We're always talking about what men want. But what do women want to see in terms of personal grooming down there?

That's what The Stir is here for. We conducted our own informal survey asking women what they think of manscaping, and here's the mixed bag of opinions they gave us.

How about you? What do you prefer?


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  • Shave to Play


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    About 76 percent of the respondents said they prefer some version of shaving or trimming, especially if their men enjoy oral sex. "I think if oral sex is part of your regular activities, grooming is vital," says one mom. "Who wants hair in their mouths?"

  • It's Creepy & Weird


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    "I say just be natural -- too many other things to worry about -- that's the least of it. It's creepy and weird -- especially because the guy I was with had a female 'friend' do it for him -- what's up with that?"


  • Shave. It. All. Off.


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    "Total turn-on. For sure. It's a turn-off if they don't do it. It's disgusting. I'm not putting my mouth anywhere near that thing if it's covered in hair. Shave. It. All. Off."


  • He's a Hairy Beast


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    "My husband is a hairy beast. If he didn't groom his body hair, he'd be covered in a thick pelt from head to toe. So he either shaves off or trims the hair on most of his body."

  • Pubic Service Announcement


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    "ATTENTION MEN! Please at least do some light trimming down there. We ladies appreciate the effort."

  • Better Hair Than a MRSA Boil


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    "I think it is ridiculous to shave pubic hair. It causes some NASTY infections by leaving the skin vulnerable. I'd rather see hair (which is normal) than a big MRSA boil! I think this whole idea of shaving everything off is stupid. I'm fine with trimming, but with a trimmer -- NOT a razor."

  • Cheater Giveaway


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    "My ex-husband never did ... Until he had an affair. I noticed it and called him out on it." 

  • No Crazy Designs


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    "He takes care of himself and keeps it clean and tidy looking, but he doesn't shave it completely or make designs or anything. I prefer what he does over leaving it unkempt or going overboard with it."

  • Rarrrr!


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    "I'm a major fan of it! Any pubic hair at all is a very gross and a very big turn off to me. [My husband] takes very good care of himself and his grooming, and I am sure to show my approval and appreciation. Rawrrr, Rawrrr!"

  • Hair Is Unnecessary


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    "Hair isn't 'needed' anywhere except maybe eyelashes and in your nose."

    "[Manscaping is] a must! We have a very active sex life, and I like to 'scape down there, and so does he! No need for hair in places it's not needed."

  • When He Lets Himself Go ...


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    "I didn't think I cared ... until he did it. Now when he 'lets himself go,' I can tell and I don't care for it." 

  • This Fad Will Pass


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    "I like men with hair. In a movie last night, someone said something about the carpet matching the drapes and the guy said nope, the floors are hardwood (all hair shaven off). Thankfully this fad will eventually pass." 

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