Gorgeous Donated Wedding Dress Comes With Mysterious & Heartwarming Note (PHOTOS)

donated wedding dressWhen a beautiful antique lace wedding dress was donated to a charity shop it came with a little surprise: The donor had included a sweet hand-written note that would melt any couple's heart. It was from a mystery husband remembering his wife, who wore that dress long, long ago.


Employees at St. Gemma's Hospice Charity Shop in Leeds, England were intrigued by the dress and note, so they posted photos of them on their Facebook page to try and find the mystery donor.

Here's the 1950s-era dress. It's a stunner, so sweetly romantic. Don't you love the flowers on the skirt?

donated wedding dress

But even more romantic is the note.

wedding dress note

You may now weep big, fat, sentimental tears. Are you swooning over this, too? Oh my goodness, what a gorgeous wish to pass on. How thoughtful of him. I imagine his wife must have passed, which makes his donation bittersweet.  

Word reached him, a local gentleman and supporter of the hospice. He wanted to remain anonymous but contacted the shop when he became overwhelmed by the international attention. In fact, the dress is so famous now the shop decided to sell it on eBay (proceeds will still go to the hospice). The dress donor is thrilled. 

What bride will proudly wear the legacy of this dress? Hopefully a woman who, as the donor wishes, will also enjoy many decades of wedded bliss. 

How would you feel about wearing this wedding dress?


Images via St. Gemma's Hospice/Facebook

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