8 Annoying Ways Your Text Messages Are Driving Him Crazy

man text messageGot a guy who won't return your text messages -- or who keeps telling you that he "hate" texting? It could be the way you're communicating with him is annoying the hell out of him. We learned a lot from reading Vixien Daily's helpful Reasons Men Don't Text Back infographic about all the texting pet peeves men have. 


How many of these pesky habits are you guilty of?

1. Sending him text messages that make no sense. 91 percent of guys admit they've been confused about something a woman wrote in a text within the past seven days

2. Going overboard with the emoji. 1/3 of men think more than 3 emojis in a text is too many emojis. Only 21 percent of men use emojis themselves.

3. Making vague suggestions that he entertain you, such as: "I'm bored," "What r u up to?," and "Heyy hows it goin?" (This is for those of you in the dating world.) Instead, send a text proposing a concrete plan: "Heyy, why don't you come on over and we'll order a pizza!"

4. Harassing him because he hasn't responded immediately to your text. Half of men will text back within 24 hours. Only 10 percent text back within an hour. And 30 percent text back in a day or two. (This applies more to single guys, of course.)

By the way, the number-one reason why men don't respond to a text is because they're busy with something. They prefer to focus on one thing at a time. The second most popular reason is because they let their phone battery die or don't have their phone with them.

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5. Texting while you feel needy and desperate. Ugh, they can tell. It shows! Instead, pause and gather your emotions. Imagine the world not ending if he doesn't respond to you. Then go find something interesting to do.

6. Texting during the wrong time of the day. That would be the middle of the night (12 a.m. to 8 a.m.) and first thing in the morning. The most popular time to receive a text is 5-8 p.m.

7. Barraging him with a whole series of text messages. We do this especially when we're angry or when we're wondering why he hasn't responded to a fight-picking message. Get a hold of your emotions! If you find yourself writing a novel, stop, give your thumbs a rest, and talk (preferably in person) when you're calmer.

8. Texting when you could call him. Speaking of talking instead of texting, 39 percent of men text only to make plans. A mere 1 in 12 use it to have in-depth conversations. So keep that in mind if he doesn't seem especially chatty via text. Use that call thingy on your phone instead. Remember that?

These are men's texting pet peeves -- but what are your texting pet peeves?


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