Breathtaking Viral Photo of Newlyweds at Tower Bridge Finds Its Happy Ending

bride groom in front of tower bridgeBeautiful wedding photos in which the bride and groom are conveniently hanging out in front of a stunning landscape are a dime a dozen, right? Except for when they're taken by a total stranger who had absolutely no clue who the happy couple is! That stranger recently made world news when he snapped a breathtaking shot of a mysterious bride and groom in front of Tower Bridge.


Saber Miresmailli, who was visiting from Canada, was in a cab in London on May 16 when he saw the couple and snapped the now-viral photo. He later wrote on Facebook, explaining that he needed help identifying the couple so he could give it to them as a wedding gift.

A request to the Facebook Nation: I was on a moving car in London , UK on May 16, 2015 around 8PM when I saw this lovely...

Posted by Saber Miresmailli on Sunday, May 31, 2015

The pic quickly went viral, as people attempted to help Miresmailli find the newlyweds.

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Well, today, is reporting that they cracked the case! Reporters at the outlet spoke to a woman who attended the wedding and confirmed the name of the bride is Laura and the groom is James.

The guest told the news outlet:

Laura and James have absolutely no idea how famous they are back here because they're currently on honeymoon in Bali. I couldn't believe it when I saw the picture.

Aww! How amazing is it that not only will the couple return to the UK to find out their gorgeous photo has gone viral? What a wonderful surprise for them, how fulfilling it must be for Miresmailli to see it play out this way, and what a testament to the power of social media!

How do you think the couple will react when they return home to find out about the photo?


Image via Saber Miresmailli

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