Women Confess How They Really Feel About the Number of Men They've Slept With

woman thinking with pen in handMen tend to exaggerate it. Women often downplay it. But your "number" -- or however many people you've been with, you know, intimately -- is a fact of life. Your life, specifically. And even though it's uber-personal, you've probably found yourself comparing your number to someone else's at one time or another.


And it's in moments like those that you can't help but think, "Am I normal?"

Well, now there's a calculator that can tell you! Okay, not exactly, but by pulling together data from several studies that may or may not be scientifically-sound, Slate came up with this handy-dandy sex calculator that will tell you -- based on your age and gender -- exactly which percentile you fall into when it comes to how many partners you've bedded.

Go ahead, try it! We'll just wait here ...

So, how'd it go? Betting you feel self-conscious in some way about your result. We all seem to get nervous about having a number that's perceived as too high or maybe even too low (like, say, one -- because you met the one when you were young).

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Need proof? Check out these stunned quotes from women who tried their hand at the calculator:

"OMG, really?!! I'm in the highest 5 percent for my age? Impossible! So many other women were doing it with far more people than me! I think you're all lying."

"I got 'you've done the deed with more people than 4 percent of your peers.' Honestly, I'm neither surprised nor distressed. I already knew I was a bit of a freak of nature."

"I am in complete shock. I've always thought of myself as a bit of a goodie-goodie with a brief wild period, but apparently, according to this calculator, it's a good thing I got married when I did! Yikes!"

"This can't be true."

"To be honest, I've slept with more people than I can count or even remember, so I plugged in a conservative guesstimate of 30. The calculator said I've slept with more people than 96 percentile of people in my age group and gender. I was totally relieved I wasn't at 99.99999. It's nice to know that at least a few other women were as indiscriminate as I was in my youth!"

One woman was actually pleasantly surprised with landing in the higher percentile and gave herself a pat on the back, noting, "Huh, I am surprised to see I'm a bit of a slut compared with my peers! I expected to be closer to average to less-prolific. Oh well, good for me!" Yeah, you go, girl!

Even if you're cool with where you stand, it's silly to read too much into it. Sure, it's natural to compare your experience with someone else's. We're humans -- it's what we do. But ultimately, we're all on our own, unique path. So, there's that. And the fact that all these other people may be lying about their number anyway!

Be honest: How do you feel about your number?


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