Why Women Can't Tell a Genuinely Nice Guy From a Creepy One

woman talking to man at a barOnly kids believes in fairytales, right? Not necessarily. In fact, there's probably still a part of your brain that believes the world is just like a classic tale of good vs. evil. Researchers at Eastern Kentucky University actually proved it recently when they found that women tend to believe that good-looking guys aren't as "creepy" as less attractive men -- even when they're both guilty of eyebrow-raising behavior. 


The researchers came to this conclusion by showing 170 female college students two male faces with similar features -- one considered attractive, the other not so much -- along two scenarios.

In one, the guy asks to borrow a pen, and in the other, the guy suggests the woman try modeling and asks to take her photo. The women were then asked a series of questions, including whether they would comply. Most said yes to the pen and no to the photo, regardless of how attractive the man was.

But they also ranked how each man on friendliness, ambition, meanness, rudeness, creepiness, etc. In the pen sitch, both men's personalities were perceived to be similar. But in the modeling one, the women perceived the more attractive guy far more positively than the unattractive guy.

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Researchers call this the "double" devil effect. A guy can be unattractive, but if he's also acting up, we're more likely to see him in a negative light. Ouch.

Meanwhile, a guy who is super-hot may be MAJOR trouble! (Remember "sexy" mugshot guy?!)

In other words, we still seem to buy into stereotypes like being attracted to a guy must make him a knight in shining armor -- or, at least, less threatening -- even when he's doing something questionable, whereas if a guy looks like an ogre and acts like one, too, we're more willing to buy that he's a creeper.

Boo! While that may be our knee-jerk, human nature-driven reaction, it's also so superficial and immature. We can do SO much better than that!

It's easy to get blinded by physical attraction. It happens to the best of us. But our creep-o-meter should be attuned to actual cues of nefariousness! If we're not going to trust a guy, it should be due to his tone of voice, mannerisms, a slew of other tips we can tune into that usually have nothing to do with how a guy looks. 

After all, our guts are usually more trustworthy than our sexual impulses. And we'd obviously do well to trust one over the other!

When have you been guilty of this?


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