Harvard Grads Aren’t Learning Much Between the Sheets

college graduateHere's another reason why parents might want to get their kids into an Ivy League university: Apparently one in four Harvard grads never had sex in college. All four years. No sex. Zilch. Nada. What's going on there?!?


Were those students actually more focused on stuff like lectures, classes, seminars, and learning? Well shucks! I guess all that tuition paid off after all. And for all you calling "nerd alert," plenty of brilliant people get laid. I think this is more about these students' priorities than their sex appeal. (But yeah, pretty much: Nerds.) (I'm kidding!)

This is according to what Harvard seniors reported in a survey conducted by the Harvard Crimson. Of course, there were a few students who made up for the abstainers. About 12 percent of the students who did have sex had more than 10 partners, and 21 percent of them had sex during their freshman year.

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If you had told me only a quarter of the students at my alma matter, Brigham Young University, had sex in college I would have said you betcha. No unmarried people are supposed to have sex there. (It TOTALLY happens anyway.) But Harvard? Wow, I'm impressed.

Don't get me wrong. I think it's perfectly healthy to explore your sexuality during those formative years. It's just that sex can be incredibly distracting to one's studies. Plus, alcohol abuse is too often combined with sex at colleges resulting is way too many sad stories, mostly for female students.

More than 14 percent of Harvard women say they've been sexually assaulted, which is too high.

So congratulations to those students who graduated without having the sex. Maybe some of you wanted to, but couldn't make it happen. But many of you were simply more focused on your education, which is awesome. You have your whole lives to have sex and there is absolutely no hurry.

How many students at your college do you think graduated without having sex?


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