Man Proposes at Wedding Reception & Please No One Else Ever Do This Again

bad proposal
The Internet almost universally agrees: This is the rudest, most inconsiderate, most WTF way to propose. A Reddit user (who since deleted their account) posted a photo of a man proposing at a wedding reception -- right in front of the bride and groom. LIKE THAT'S A GOOD IDEA. 


UPDATE: Apparently the newly-engaged woman is the bride's sister -- and this wedding reception proposal was the bride's idea! That was so generous of her. Seriously though, no one else ever do this unless you get the newlyweds' approval ahead of time.

The bride is smiling, but look deeply into her eyes. Is she pleased? Delighted? Charmed? Hell no. She's horrified. She cannot believe her cousin Stan just did this. (I'm making that "cousin Stan" part up because no one actually knows who these people are.) He's upstaging her mother-effing wedding reception like the self-involved showboat that he is!

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IT'S ALL ABOUT YOU AND YOUR MOMENT, STAN. Isn't it? It's all. About. You.

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Stan probably thought this would be super romantic. He has a ring with him so it's not like he was caught up with the wedding feels and decided to propose on the spot. No, he actually contemplated this idea, declared it genius, and ran with it. He thought about it while he picked out the ring and hid the box in his blazer jacket. He thought about it all through the wedding, when he should have been focused on the couple actually getting married. Because then he would have realized that he was about to rob a bride and groom of their big moment.

We hope he at least waited until after all the wedding toasts were complete.

The poor bride! Now this is how everyone will remember her wedding forever after, especially since the photo has gone viral. I think cousin Stan owes her a big apology. 

What do you think about this proposal -- sweet or inconsiderate?


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