25 Wildly Unforgettable Wedding Stories That Really Happened

Wendy Robinson | May 29, 2015 Love & Sex

There are few things in life that cost as much money or seem to create as much drama as weddings. Whether it is the open bar or the friction of too much family togetherness, it can be all to easy for something crazy to happen.

Read on for 25 of the most OMG (and LOL!) wedding scenes you'll be glad, mostly, DIDN'T happen to you!

Did you have any drama or craziness at your wedding?

wild wedding stories

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  • Creepy Crawly Bride


    "A spider was crawling up my dress while I was up at the alter. My mom had to mind-meld my maid of honor to get her to gently sweep it off before I noticed and freaked out." -- Sam C.

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  • Dancing Granny


    "My sweet grandma didn't realize the punch had rum in it and got drunk for the first time in her life. It was a hoot at first. She was rocking the dance floor and even stopped at one point to take her nylons off and shoes off. It was less funny when she suddenly barfed during the cake cutting." -- Donna P.

  • Bitchy Bride


    "My friend was always kind of a drama queen, but being a bride turned her into a bridezilla. By the end of the reception, I and two of the other bridesmaids weren't even speaking to her. We were tired of being slaves and being yelled at over every detail. We were supposed to help clean up the hall and instead bailed at before 9:00 PM. No thanks, bride from hell." -- Angelica N

  • Busted!


    "Because we were serving booze, our venue required us to have a police officer on site. This would have been fine, but two of my guests got busted for smoking pot on the golf course." -- Joanna R.

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  • Missing Groomsman


    "My brother-in-law who was supposed to be in the wedding and doing a reading missed the entire wedding because he forgot to pack a tie and went shopping for one instead of, you know, actually coming to the wedding. He was waiting for us at the reception venue. Apparently, he really WILL do anything to get out of going to Mass." -- Kate W.

  • Drunk Mother


    "My stepmother got so embarrassingly drunk, she fell down multiple times on the dance floor. Ask me if I was amused." -- Megan P.

  • Labor of Love


    "My matron of honor was eight months pregnant at my wedding. She'd been feeling not great all day, but was a total trooper until her water broke at the reception. I sent her to the hospital with a piece of wedding cake." -- Janelle M.

  • Drag Queen Party


    "We were having our reception at a large hotel. In one of the other ball rooms was a charity drag show. Some of our guests wandered in and watched and ended up inviting several of the queens to our reception. My favorite picture is the one of my grandfather doing the chicken dance with a bunch of drag queens. Priceless." -- Tonya W.

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  • I Do?


    "I forgot my written vows in my purse across the room. When it was my turn I said, 'Uh, hold on a sec,' and ran off to get them. It just now occurs to me that people might have thought for a second that I was making a run for it." -- Leah M.

  • Hear Me Roar


    "My mom and her partner led a drunken sing along to "I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar," much to the chagrin of my husband's super conservative family." -- Brianna H.

  • "Best" Man


    "My husband's little brother was his best man. He is a sweet guy, but he was SO DRUNK that his speech made no sense, lasted for 10 minutes (until his dad made him sit down) and made no less than three mentions of my 'great tits'. Classy." -- Leslie L.

  • Players Gonna Play


    "My cousin showed up for the wedding with one girl and then drove her home after the wedding and came to the reception with someone else. I never knew the name of either of them and never saw them again after the wedding." -- Jamie S.

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  • No Cake ?!?


    "SOMEONE ATE MY PIECE OF CAKE! I'm still mad, obviously. I had been eating disgustingly healthy food for three months. I was looking forward to that cake." -- Alexa F.

  • Not Safe for Weddings


    "My husband's college roommates stole a bunch of the disposable cameras off the reception tables and took them to the bathroom and proceeded to take a variety of obscene pictures. We discovered them when I picked up the film with my mom and grandma. Awesome." -- Anita G.

  • Out of Order


    "It was 105 degrees during our Mexican destination wedding and not only could the AC not keep up, but the toilets at the hotel kept backing up. My male guests started wandering down to the beach when they needed to pee." -- Melissa T.

  • Uninvited Guest


    "I got married in my parent's large backyard. During the ceremony, a hot air balloon randomly landed there. We actually have some cool pictures from the ceremony with it in the background and by the end of the night, my phone was ringing off the hook with interview requests from the local TV station." -- Josie R.

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  • Pucker Up


    "Due to a variety of circumstances, I met my mother-in-law for the first time on our wedding day. I didn't realize she was super touchy-feely until she kissed me right on the lips as we were introduced. The photographer snapped a picture of it and I look SO uncomfortable." -- Wendy D.

  • Sound the Alarm


    "Some idiot kids in the hotel kept messing with the fire alarms so we had to stop our ceremony five times due to fire alarms. I'm still so annoyed by those little jerks." -- Claire N.

  • Good Arm


    "I tossed the bouquet too hard and hit a little old lady on the head. Nobody expects the bride to be pitching heat!" -- Celeste L.

  • Stop Thief!


    "Someone stole a bunch of cards and small gifts from the table and we couldn't figure out who, until we saw our wedding pictures. There was this random guy, who nobody recognizes, in several pictures, just drinking and having a good time. We think he was a thief and a crasher. Jerk." -- Mandy B.

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  • Human Pyramid


    "I'm not sure what prompted my family to try to do a human pyramid while dressed in formal clothes, but I'm psyched that they got grandma on top AND got a picture of it." -- Ana R.

  • Outdoor Wedding


    "I'd always dreamed of getting married near my parent's lakeside cabin, so I planned my fall wedding there. Winter came early that year and I ended up getting married outside, during a snowstorm. It was freezing but my pictures look amazing! And no guests got frostbite, so that was good news too." -- Ashley S.

  • Knife Fight


    "Nobody ever believes me, but a knife fight broke out in the bathroom during my wedding. It was over one of my bridesmaid who was caught getting down in the bathroom with someone who was NOT her husband. He found out and things went to hell from there. At least my cake was good." -- Willow B.

  • Fire!


    "My husband was smoking a celebratory cigar at the reception and dropped hot ash on the back of my dress. Apparently the static spray we used or my hair spray or something was super flammable. My train totally caught fire. I had to stop-drop-and-roll at my own wedding." -- Diane L.

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  • Oh, Mother!


    "My mom decided that she didn't want to 'look like an old lady' at my wedding, so she showed up in this off the shoulder dress, cowboy boots and way too much makeup. She cringes now when she sees the pictures. Serves her right." -- Danni P.


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