Breathtaking Photo of Marine’s Pre-Wedding Prayer With His Bride Goes Viral

marine bride prayer before weddingWe are totally crushing on this photo of a marine praying with his bride right before their wedding. Photographer Dwayne Schmidt posted the intimate moment between Caleb and Maggie Earwood, and it's gone viral on Facebook.


We can see why -- it says so much! And there's such intensity of emotion in this image. You feel like you're right there, at one of the most important moments in Maggie and Caleb's lives.

Caleb and Maggie wanted to keep the tradition of the groom not seeing the bride before. But he also wanted to have a prayer for their marriage and their lives, and of course they needed a connection to do that. So here they are, holding hands around a corner from each other.

I have photographed alot of weddings. This has to be one of the best things i have ever got to see much less...

Posted by Dwayne Schmidt Photography on Saturday, May 23, 2015

Maggie told ABC News about how Caleb was led to the cabin where she was getting ready. "They hid me in a room and he stepped up on the stairwell and he stuck his hand out and I grabbed his hand," she says. Caleb prayed that their marriage would be strong enough to be an example for other couples. "It broke me down to know that we felt the same way about God," Maggie said later. "It just made me happy." 

What a thoughtful idea, staring a wedding off with a prayer. With all the trappings of a wedding -- the dress, the reception, getting the bridesmaids in matching dresses, deciding on the honeymoon, all the "fun" stuff -- it's important to remember what a major endeavor marriage is.

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It's not just a party, or a series of fun sleepovers with the man you love. It's two people, changing the course of their lives, and working on a (hopefully) life-long project. It should start with a prayer or a meditation of some sort, just between the two of you.

What an assuring feeling it must be for Maggie to feel so intensely that she and her soon-to-be husband share the same values. That's so important in a marriage. He's also showing her how important she is to him, and how important their marriage is. What a beautiful way to start their lives together.

Did you start your wedding with a prayer or anything like that?


Image via Dwayne Schmidt Photography/Facebook


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