Women Draw Their Ideal Lovers & the Results Are Wowza! (VIDEO)

woman drawing penis

Whether we like it or not, physical attraction matters. But while you may say you prefer tall, dark-haired Scott Foley lookalikes, no one writes in their Tinder or Match profile what they'd ideally like their man's private parts to look like! Still, we ladies certainly know what we like in that department, as well, yes?! Ha!


Even if you've never really thought about what "the perfect penis" looks like, it's there, in the back of your head! At least, that seemed to be the case for this group of incredibly talented and very honest women who Elite Daily tasked with drawing "what they want to see on the lower half of the shirtless men on the cover of romance novels."

Yes, they were asked to draw the dreamiest-looking male genitalia they could come up with.

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The hilarity they came up with will most definitely make you nod, give a thumbs up, and laugh uncontrollably.

So, so funny. They're all so ... BIG?!!

Well, maybe "big" is relative compared to the paper size? Either way, eek! But way to go, ladies. Way to show and tell exactly what kind of packages turn you on!

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And guys, whether you're our dearest partners, spouses, or movie dates, please don't worry. Size really doesn't matter. (Except to that exceptionally forthcoming woman who said 10 inches. Ooof!)

Do you agree with the way most of these women depicted their "perfect penises"? LOL!

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