12 Wives Reveal How They Broke Their Husbands' Most Annoying Habits

Wendy Robinson | May 22, 2015 Love & Sex
12 Wives Reveal How They Broke Their Husbands' Most Annoying Habits

I love my husband. I love his smile, I love his sense of humor, I love how he parents, and I am inordinately fond of his butt. This does not, however, mean that my husband is perfect. Oh no. He has his fair share of annoying habits, as all of us do, and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't hoping that sometime I might wake up to find that my husband no longer eats chicken in the way that makes me want to kill him.

Read on for some encouraging true stories from wives who finally figured out how to nip some of those bad habits in the bud!

What annoying habit do you wish you could break in your spouse?

  • "In the Hamper, Damn it!"


    "My husband had this habit of throwing his dirty laundry NEAR but not IN the hamper. It used to drive me nuts to have to pick it up to put it in the hamper to do laundry.

    So, one day, I just stopped. I decided that I'm only washing stuff that is in the hamper. I didn't say anything about it, but after about four months of being chronically short on socks and underwear, his aim seemed to miraculously improve. Now all of his clothes are always in the hamper and we didn't even have a fight about it. Winning!" - - Carolina, Tacoma, Washington.

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  • "Big Spender"


    "My husband is SO DUMB when it comes to money. I love him, but he's never handled his money well. We were constantly fighting about money because he was always making me bounce checks because he'd spend money out of the checking account and not tell me.

    Finally I just said 'Enough!' and took over all of our finances. He gets cash for his day-to-day expenses and I hold on to his debit card and credit cards. He can do whatever he wants with his cash but when he is out, he is out. I don't bail him out when it is Friday and he wants to have lunch with his friends at work but is out of money. He is starting to get better about it now." -- Julie, Tucson, Arizona

  • "The Slob"


    "My husband has been doing really well in his career lately but was still dressing like a broke college student. He hates shopping and doesn't care about fashion at all, so he was oblivious to the fact that he looked like a slob. What finally worked was setting him up with a personal shopper at a big department store. She was young and cute, and he was happy to listen to her advice (which, whatever, was the same as MY advice).

    I also started to throw away one really ratty item every time I did laundry." --Heather, Midland, Michigan

  • "Kiss Me, But Not Like That!"


    "My husband is hot as heck, but when we first got together, he was the worst, sloppiest kisser ever. I tried to subtly correct him by taking the lead and trying to hold his face in a better position. Finally, I just had to be brutally honest. I said, 'Look, you are awesome, but I'm not loving how you kiss. Can I show you what I like?'

    He was a bit embarrassed but was willing to learn. Maybe because I was willing to be naked while teaching him." - - Elizabeth, Blaine, Minnesota.

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  • "No Smoking"


    "My partner quit smoking in 2001, cold turkey after sheer badgering by me. The week after he quit was pretty much the only time in my life that he's been mean/cranky in my direction, so we just rode it out. Besides the occasional one-drunk-cigarette or bachelor party cigar, he didn't smoke at all until 2013, when some stuff went awry. He quit again now a year ago based on lots more badgering by me, and now there are no even occasional party cigarettes/cigars." -- Katie, Saint Paul, Minnesota

  • "No More Debt"


    "We got engaged one week after I paid off my last bill. I was 26 and debt free. After I said yes, we got talking finances. I said, "If we are going to get married, we need to get rid of your debt." We sat down, mapped out our plan, and in the 18 months we were engaged, paid off every last penny owed, paid for our wedding on our own (my parents helped pay for some, but we had the money to cover it; his parents were not in a position to help -- where do you think he learned?), and started saving for a house. He totally got on board and has never looked back." -- Patricia, Rochester, New York

  • "Lazy No More"


    "When we got together, we both started putting on some weight because we were in the nesting zone, just eating pizza and binge watching shows.

    I eventually started feeling kind of gross and decided to try to lose the 15 pounds I'd put on. I was kind of hoping I would inspire him to join in but he kept on with the pizza and movie diet. I was kind of bummed that he was turning into a bit of a lump, so I finally bet him that I could get in better shape then him. Up for grabs is $500 to spend on whatever we want for the winner.

    I figure I win either way, I'll either get the money or get the hot dude back!" -- Kayla, Santa Fe, New Mexico

  • "A Man With Manners"


    "My husband didn't believe that he really chewed so loudly and with his mouth open until I filmed him with my phone and made him watch himself eat pasta. He was grossed out. Problem solved." -- Laura, Des Moines, Iowa.

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  • "Goodbye Hobbit Feet"


    "Boy toenails can be so gross! My husband always let his grow out too long and they'd get all thick and nasty from running. I wanted to ban him from wearing sandals in public but instead got him to go for a pedicure with me.

    He doesn't want to admit it, but he really loves them! The calf rub and the nice water, he loves it all. And now he gets a pedicure once a month and his toes look human again." -- Michaela, Phoenix, Arizona.

  • "Ugh, Stop With the Dumb Jokes"


    "I was getting so annoyed by the fact that my husband thinks "dumb blond" jokes are really funny (he gets this from his father who also thinks puns are HI-larious). My husband isn't a jerk and I don't think he means to be sexist, but the jokes were super lame.

    I did the only thing I could do -- gave birth to a little blond baby girl. BOOM!" -- Stacey, Holland, Michigan.

  • "More Romance Please!"


    "So, here is the thing: sometimes you have to just be very directive. My guy isn't the most naturally romantic guy, and I love little gestures like surprise gifts or love notes.

    I was tired of being bummed that he didn't seem to ever think of doing things like that for me, so I gave him a list of romantic gestures that make me happy and told him he had to do something off the list for me at least once every two months.

    Now about once a month he does something sweet and I love it." -- Bonnie, Saint Paul, Minnesota.

  • "No More Silent Treatment"


    "We don't fight very often, but my fiance tends to pout and give me the silent treatment when he is annoyed. This causes our fights to drag on for days.

    I finally got him to agree that when we are fighting he has to at least stay in the fight with me for an hour and THEN he can give me the silent treatment. I've found that an hour is all that we usually need to talk through things and now I don't get the pouts as much." -- Rachel, Ames, Iowa.

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