Men Confess What Really Drove Them to Cheat on Their Spouses

Whether it was an office fling or an online hookup, research says approximately 20-25 percent of men engage in extramarital sex at least once during their marriage (and those are probably the few they can get to admit it!). For wives who find out that their man has strayed, the need to ask "why?" is one of the top questions on their minds. And while every situation is different, who better to shed light on why men cheat than cheaters themselves?


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We asked a group of men to confess the dirty details of the who, what, when, where, and whys of their cheating. And no matter what their reasoning, a lot of their answers were pretty unsatisfying. The honest truth is that cheating sometimes happens when the opportunity arises. Though as one can see, some of these men are just born without the monogamy gene. From emotional cheating to feeling like their relationship had evolved into friendly roommates, there are many varied reasons why these guys said yes when presented with the opportunity to cheat. 

Click on hear from 11 men who cheated -- and asked that their names not be used -- including those who are filled with regret and those who are unashamed to say that they will probably cheat again.

And let us know -- are any of these justifications for cheating surprising?

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