Great News: ‘Ethical Cheating’ Is a Thing Now

cheating coupleOh joy, there's a new "get out of jail free" card for cheaters. The new dating site, OpenMinded, is selling itself as a community for "ethical cheating." What is ethical cheating, exactly? 


Apparently ethical cheating is when you're cheating, but you feel badly about it, and long to be open and honest about having sex with other people. 

So ... I guess as long as you feel guilty about cheating that makes your infidelity "ethical." Oh, okay! That's totally logical

YourTango asked OpenMinded's PR manager, Brook Urick, to enlighten us further. Urick says the site is for open relationships, people looking for emotional and physical connections, whether that's a casual hookup or a longer-term open relationship. "The term 'cheating' strikes a negative chord," she says, "but within the growing community of people in open relationships, cheating is done ethically and openly."

you keep using that word

What the what? Again with this contradictory word sandwich! 

I hate to be such a boring old stick-in-the-semantics-mud, but why call it cheating, then? Either you're in an open relationship, and you're looking for connections (in which case your partner is 100 percent aware and fine with that). OR! You're in what your partner thinks is a monogamous relationship but your looking for hookups behind their back. Which is what we call cheating. And also you're being unethical.

I guess using the word "cheating" makes the pursuit of open relationships sound more naughty and sexy, but HELLO! Aren't open relationships that already? I thought that was the whole point.

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Calling it cheating makes it sound like someone's heart is getting treated like monkey meat. And that's not sexy. That's just sad. 

Whatever, nice try. But in case anyone out there got all excited, thinking there's such a thing as ethical cheating, no. There is not. Please, disabuse yourself of that delusion. 

What do you think about calling open relationships "ethical cheating"?


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