14 Texts Between Husbands & Wives That Perfectly Illustrate What Marriage Is Really Like

Maressa Brown | May 20, 2015 Love & Sex
14 Texts Between Husbands & Wives That Perfectly Illustrate What Marriage Is Really Like
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Anyone in a long-term relationship knows that love and marriage as seen in Hollywood rom-coms are one thing, while love and marriage in real life ... ? Quite another -- for better or worse. Instead of having all those hard edges airbrushed away, real-life marriage is filled with all the itsy-bitsy aspects of the everyday grind that can make us happy-go-lucky or stressed, downright miserable, or totally turned on.

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And what better place to see that illustrated than in our text messages? Texting with a partner, whether it's constant or barely ever, can lead to some pretty hilarious conversations filled with sarcasm, inside jokes, and probably even power struggles (although it's probably the wife who's in charge at the end of the day). 

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Through good times and bad, it's nice to know that someone is only a text away. Whether a couple is just having each other's back, getting on each other's nerves, or making each other laugh, the little day-to-day convos matter. Here are 14 texts that perfectly sum up what marriage is like on the daily. Believe us when we say they will make folks laugh, cry, and, of course totally relate! 

  • S.O.S.

    texts husbands wives
    Angela H.

    Oh, those kiddos! Always gettin' into mischief ... and requiring Dad to text Mom in a panic.

  • This Is What Flirting Looks Like


    Ah, marriage ... What better way to express your love for one another than by trading chops-busting texts about video games and sandwiches?

  • An Entertaining Negotiation


    Hmm, looks like this hubs got away with his power play because his wife has a thing for Christian Grey types? 

  • Husband, Boss or Bossypants Husband?!


    Speaking of Christian Grey, this hubs clearly knows what he wants and has no problem demanding that he get it! Right now, you hear! ... Hello?

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  • A Status Update From the Office


    Gotta hand it to this hubs. Nothing beats a snoozefest text like "I'm so bored in this meeting -- haaaalp!" like ... Storm Troopers!

  • Breaking News


    Any random wacky news clip you can use to taunt and/or humor your honey is a quality random wacky news clip.

  • No Dinner for You!


    Sorry, June Cleaver doesn't live here... 

  • If You Really Loved Me, You'd Have Brought Me Lunch

    marriage texts
    Angela H.
  • In Good Times ... & in Really, Really Bad


    And then, in the mix of the mushy or mundane, texts also capture moments that are simply heartbreaking.

  • The Monosyllabic Husband


    It's nice knowing that sometimes, one word answers are all you need from one another. Other times, they drive you nuts, cuz you have absolutely NO idea what he's talking about!?

  • The Much-Appreciated Wife

    Brekke B.

    She confessed she doesn't know why he thanked her, but hey, she'll take it!

  • Autocorrect FTW


    A text to your spouse is not only a safe space to experience ridiculous autocorrects -- but to make things up as you go along!

  • Baby Love


    And then are the times you can't help but gush. Especially over your man's hot dad skills.

  • The Reality Check


    HA! Wives: Tellin' it like it is since the dawn of time!

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