Why Do Men Exist? Thanks to Science, We Finally Know!

woman choosing between menEver wonder why men exist? No, I'm serious. This is a legit, serious question scientists have been asking. Other organisms reproduce asexually with only one, female gender. Well, it looks like we may finally have the answer.


Why did animals evolve to have both sexes, one that produces young and another that contributes, but sure take up a heck of a lot of resources relative to their contribution? It seems like an inefficient system. 

But researchers at the University of East Anglia in the UK say we have males in order to produce stronger, more resilient offspring. When males have to compete in order to reproduce, females have the opportunity to filter out "harmful genetic material" and select the best.

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They tested this out on beetles. When you had 90 males competing for 10 females, you ended up with a super robust population. But when there as no competition, and females mated with whatever bugs the scientists stuck them with, the population declined in health and over generations went extinct. EXTINCT, you guys.

Which brings us to the modern dating world. Good news: This clearly means women are right to be picky.

All we're doing is being selective about the gene pool. It behooves us to date only smart, strong, resilient, healthy men. We are doing the human race a favor when we turn down knuckleheads. 

Here's the downside, though. We're not living in a world where 90 men compete for 10 women. We're kind of stuck in a 50/50 world. We still get to choose, but the numbers don't seem to be in our favor. Does this mean we should be sharing the good ones?

Worse, some of you out there are putting on beer goggles and making bad, accidental breeding choices. You're giving guys whose genes should NOT be passed on a chance at reproduction. Oh my God, stop that, okay? For the sake of humanity, use birth control until you find a man whose genes are worthy of being passed on to the next generation. Do you want the human race to go extinct?

No pressure. But when you date, you're not just doing it for your own gratification. The fate of the human race depends on your choices. Choose well, ladies! We're all counting on you.

Do you feel like you had much room to be picky in your mate selection, or did you pretty much go with what you could get?


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