Woman Gets Much-Deserved Revenge on Husband by Selling Him on Facebook

woman sells husbandMoms deserve to be treated well every day but especially on Mother's Day. While she may not get a lavish breakfast in bed or some fancy jewels, a card and a heartfelt thank you can go a long way to making Mom know how much she's loved. So, it's understandable that Jupiter, Florida mom Katie Bouyea was upset when her husband, Chris, forgot all about Mother's Day -- so upset, in fact, she put him up for sale on Facebook!


Before you feel sorry for him and rush to his defense, this man didn't even have his kids make their mama a card! C'mon, Chris, you can do better than that!

And before you think Katie's in trouble with the police for human trafficking, she wrote the post in jest. You see, this kindhearted mom sells things online to help raise money for her friend's son who has a muscular disorder. Funds she collects help the family offset their medical bills. (Just another reason this lady deserved to have a special Mother's Day!!)

Not surprisingly, the highest offer Katie's received for her forgetful spouse is $20. Go figure. Still, Chris says he's worth more and apologized to his wife and gave her credit for taking great care of him and their family. (File that under "Awww!" or "Too little too late, buster!" -- you decide.)

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You've got to hand it Katie for having a great sense of humor about this and not passive-aggressively "forgetting" Father's Day as some moms might be tempted to do. 

Let's hope she receives double the love next year!

What would you do if your spouse forgot Mother's Day?


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