Engaged Couple Aged With Makeup Gets an Emotional Preview of the Future (VIDEO)

tavis and kristieImagine if just weeks before saying "I do," you got a glimpse of what your future spouse was going to look like in 30, 50, even 70 years?! Would you even want to go there?! In a new viral video from Field Day and Cut, a young couple named Kristie and Tavis were brave enough to try this jaw-dropping experiment.


A team of makeup artists transformed the couple, who are preparing for their wedding next month, aging them from their late 20s to their 50s, their 70s, and their 90s. The couple then got a chance to check one another out with their makeovers and answer a few questions about what they think their life together will be like at those various intervals.

In short, YES -- it gets Notebook-level emotional, so you may want to steel yourself with some tissues!

Whew. Okay. Once you get a grip and blow your nose (cuz, be honest, we KNOW you're doing that, too, right now!), it's pretty wild how this offers a whole new perspective on the weight of marriage. I mean, it's one thing to imagine what life with someone will be like through years together or to surmise that you're probably gonna look like your mom and your husband will look like his dad. But to actually get a preview of what you'll look like after decades together?

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And wow, for Kristie and Tavis to have done this only days before saying "I do" -- what an amazing experience. Not to mention a really effective form of premarital therapy, ha!

What was your reaction to this video? What do you think you and your spouse will look like at 50, 70, 90?



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