11 Women Confess the Toughest Things They Decided to Tell Their Partners

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In every relationship, there are conversations that people know they'll remember forever: the first declarations of love; marriage proposals; and "I think I might be pregnant" come to mind as happy memories many couples share. But for some women, the conversation they'll never forget is the one they never wanted to have. Not every memorable conversation can be positive; we found real women who were willing to confess to us what the hardest conversations they ever had to have were -- and some of them are heartbreakers. 


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We tend to think of marriage as our happily-ever-after moment. But the truth is that sometimes saying "I do" doesn't mean that the rest of our lives are all sunshine and rainbows. Sometimes the most poignant moments in a marriage are when one person has to be vulnerable with the other, admitting a failing, a mistake, or even when that person needs help. This is the reality of marriage, and we found women who told us about the hardest conversations they had to have with their partner when the chips were down. 

Read on to hear some of the sad, sweet, and sometimes shocking things that stand out as the hardest confessions and secrets these women, whose names we are choosing to keep anonymous, decided to share with their partners. They just might help folks have a hard conversation they've been avoiding. 

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