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The Best & Worst Bedroom Action in America: How Does Your City Rank?

frisky coupleWhere are people having the best sex around the country? Wouldn't we like to know! Men's Health looked at condom sales, birth rates, sex toy sales, and rates of sexually-transmitted diseases to rank the most sex-happy cities in the nation. Do you live in one of them? Find out!

In general it looks like people in warmer cities are getting it on better that folks up in the northeast. Let's just say all that snow and cold doesn't add up to cozier nookie.

Do you live in any of these cities? How's it going there, really?


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1100: Portland, ME

Poor Portland, Maine: At #100 the seem to be one of the worst cities for sex. Why is that? Maybe because condoms aren't exactly flying off the shelves (95th highest condom sales), they have the 95th highest birth rate, and they're (gulp) 100th in STD rates.

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299: Burlington, VT

Burlington is not much better, at #99. They are 96th in condom sales, 99th in birth rate, and 97th in STD rates. 

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3Yonkers, NY

What up, Yonkers? You're the 3rd worst (A.K.A. #98) with the 89th highest condom sales, 91st highest birth rate, and 88th in STDs.

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410: Houston, TX

We're jumping ahead to the brighter side of things, now. Coming in as the 10th most sex-happy state, Houston has the 10th highest condom sales, 8th highest birth rates, and 50th highest STDs.

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59: Bakersfield, CA

There's more to the 9th most sex-friendly city than tumbleweeds. Bakersfield's 360,000 residents can proudly claim 3rd highest birth rates, 12th highest condom sales, and 48th place in STD rates.

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68: Oklahoma City, OK

The 8th most sex-happy city, Oklahoma City, is 34th in condom sales, 10th in birth rates, and 20th in STD rates, which is pretty average.

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77: Arlington, TX

Number 7, Arlington, Texas has the 5th highest condom sales and 16th highest birth rates. STD rates are nice and low at 54th.

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86: Indianapolis, IN

Fast times in Indianapolis! (Sorry, couldn't resist.) They are 4th in condom sales, 11th in birth rates, and 12th in STD rates.

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95: Denver, CO

The mile-high city is the 5th most sex-friendly city. Is it the weed? Or is it because they have the 7th highest condom sales, 20th highest birth rates, and are 19th in STD rates?

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104: Durham, NC

The 4th in happy sex, Durham is has the 18th highest condom sales but the 9th highest birth rates and 27th in STD rates.

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113: Columbus, OH

Wow, Columbus, Ohio has it going on at #3! Who knew? Their condom sales rank 13th, their birth rates rank 22nd, and their STD rates rank 15th.

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