Mom's Delayed Reaction to Daughter's Engagement Will Crack You Up (VIDEO)

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So, you just decided to get married. Congrats! Now it's time to tell your family and friends. Do you a.) Drop subtle hints and wait for them to catch on, or b.) Shout your big news from the rooftops? The bride-to-be in this adorable viral video chose "a" -- but her announcement didn't work out quite the way she planned. 


Not that it was her fault, exactly. See, this daughter clearly thought a little old-school hand waggling was all it would take for her mom to notice the brand new rock on her finger, but nope! (Granted, the newly betrothed's statement earrings were a bit of a distraction.) Once her mom finally figured out what was going on, though, she more than made up for her initial lack of reaction -- just watch!

Awww! That's one excited mother-of-the-bride! Not to mention just a super sweet lady, from the looks of it. Clearly she absolutely adores her daughter, and most likely her future son-in-law (otherwise her reaction might have been slightly less overjoyed). 

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Can't wait to see what this lady does if she ever finds out she's becoming a grandma!

How did you tell your family you were engaged?

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